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Monday, October 16, 2000

Mac RealMYST Status
6:00 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

Friday we mentioned that a PC-only test version of Cyan's upcoming RealMYST game was released, a full 3D version of the adventure game classic. Today we heard back from Cyan about the Status of the Mac test version. Richard Watson of Cyan had this to say when asked when the Mac version would be available:

Unfortunately, I don't have a set date that I can give you. We've been working very hard at trying to get the Mac version of the engine caught up to the PC version (the engine was PC only when we acquired it about a year ago). It's close, but it's not ready yet.
Richard later goes on to hint that a Mac test version may only be a few weeks away. RealMYST should be released near Christmas for the PC and soon after for the Mac. Mattel interactive will publish it.

RealMYST PC Test Released

Baldur's Gate Editor Released
4:16 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Mac Baldur notes that Barry Waid has released the first Baldur's Gate editor for the Mac. It's small (40k), java-based and requires very little ram (1MB). Here are the known issues listed in the read me:

  • Specialty mages are not getting their bonus spell.
  • Specialty mage selection appears even when character is not a mage.
  • Writing over existing character files sometimes causes that file to crash Baldur's Gate when importing.

    For more information on the new editor and where too download it from, head over to Mac Baldur.

    Mac Baldur

    Click to enlarge
    MacCentral on ATI Radeon AGP
    3:57 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

    MacCentral's Jaap "jot" Tuinman has taken an in-depth look at ATI's newest offering for the Mac OS, the Radeon Mac Edition AGP. The article features compatibility tests, benchmarks and comparisons with the AGP Rage 128 Pro that comes installed with Apple's G4 series. The Radeon is now an $100 add-on option with all of Apple's G4 and Cube systems, and this article is an excellent way for potential buyers to determine if parting with that extra Ben Franklin is really necessary. The full retail version of the Radeon is already available for pre-order from many sources, and should be ready to ship within the next few weeks. Here is an excerpt from the review:

    In the past, ATI have been much-maligned, and perhaps rightly
    so. The Rage 128 Pro was well overdue for a replacement, and the
    drivers took a long time to get sorted out. Luckily, the Radeon is
    far from a half-hearted effort: the first-generation Radeon drivers
    are stable, and the silicon packs a lot of potential that delivers
    rock-solid performance in day to day use. There's no Full-Scene
    Anti-Aliasing available in the Radeon drivers yet -- Apple needs to
    add some further functionality to the OpenGL API before this can be
    included on the Mac -- but between the 2D acceleration, the
    frag-happy framerates in 32-bit, the DVD decoding and the nifty
    video-out, the Radeon's a true contender, and a fantastic all-purpose
    For more details on this blazing-fast card, check out the rest of the article. Watch for IMG's own assessment of the gaming potential of this card later this week.

    ATI Radeon AGP 32 MB Mac Edition
    Hands-On With Radeon AGP at MacCentral
    Radeon AGP Retail: First Impressions
    Radeon AGP

    Click to enlarge
    Mac Escape From Monkey Island Q&A
    3:42 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

    LucasArts (and Mac OS) fansite LucasMacs has posted a short Q&A with Aspyr Media regarding the recent announcement that this Mac publishing house will be bringing the 3D adventure game Escape from Monkey Island to our platform. The interview covers such topics as Carbonization, how this title was chosen and what the porting process will entail. EMI is the fourth in LucasArts' Monkey Island series, comic adventures set in a wild fantasy landscape of swashbuckling pirates, bizarre characters and barrelsful of monkeys.

    Here's an excerpt from the Q&A, which was conducted with Brandon Owens of Aspyr:

    Will we be seeing a MacOS X version? With MacOS X beta out, and 1.0 on the horizon it would seem increasingly feasible to just carbonize from the start of a project. Of course that is an uneducated assumption. :)

    There is always a possibility, yet we will have to determine programming issues, timetables, and costs that will be associated with such a venture.

    What's the starting point for porting such a large and obviously complicated game as EMI?

    The first thing Westlake will do is to get the game up and running, which is usually the easiest thing. It's mainly the optimizations for the MacOS such as making it compatable with gamesprockets, 3D hardware, etc.

    For more of the interview visit the LucasMacs web site.

    Aspyr Adds Three Titles
    Westlake to Port Escape From Monkey Island
    LucasMacs Web Site
    Aspyr Media
    Escape From Monkey Island
    Buy Escape From Monkey Island

    'Ernesto' To Debut Nov. 1
    3:30 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

    Mac developer Cortic Software is set to release their first game project this November, an overhead 2D shooter with multiplayer network play and many special effects. No mere Asteroids clone, Ernesto promises to feature superior graphics and sound as well as network games of 'nearly limitless' size. Here are excerpts from Cortic's press release:

    Today, Cortic
    Software announces Ernesto, a shareware game that redefines
    two-dimensional gaming. Ernesto is an overhead view
    perspective, sci-fi action game that takes place in an
    asteroid sector full of enemies.

    With a wide variety of weapons and ships, Ernesto offers
    gamers playing alone endless action. Ernesto features
    enough missions and variety to have a high replay value.
    Players have the ability to choose among over 8 ships while
    blasting enemies with weapons such as missiles, space mines,
    ion cannons and laser bolts. Each ship in the game features
    its own unique statistics, and players can obtain powerups
    during play to further their preferred battle strategy.

    The first game to be offered to the public by Cortic
    Software, Ernesto features over ten-minutes of high-quality
    128-kbps music, along with the option of adding additional
    MP3s of the player's choice, numerous high-fidelity sound
    effects, crisp pre-rendered 2D graphics, that include
    transparency effects and over 4 unique graphic layers, and
    intelligent enemies.

    But the real draw of the game is the multiplayer feature,
    which separates it from all other games that could be
    considered a part of this genre. Ernesto allows players to
    compete over a LAN or the Internet through TCP/IP and
    AppleTalk, in nearly limitlessly sized competitions. Cortic
    will be hosting a 24-hour 7-days-a-week free server for
    players to participate on, but registering gamers will be
    able to run their own servers.

    The Cortic web page has Ernesto screen shots, movies and trailers for download. Be sure and visit for more details, and watch for this one November 1st.

    Cortic Web Site
    Ernesto Web Site

    Aspryworld "Porsche Envy" Video Posted
    1:05 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    A few weeks ago in Austin, Texas, Aspyr held Aspyrworld, a two-day event celebrating Aspyr's recent successes in the Mac market. The climax of the event was the giveaway of a Porsche Boxter, in celebration of Aspyr's upcoming Need for Speed: Porsche.

    A few weeks before Aspyrworld, the company created a cool little video called "Porsche Envy" that stars Ted and Jeff from Aspyr. The video was originally intended for invitees, but now that Aspyrworld is over, they were kind enough to let us post it. Be sure to check it out, it's quite hilarious.

    Aspyrworld "Porsche Envy" Video

    Click to enlarge
    DS9 Interview, Screens
    11:56 AM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

    As the release date of Simon and Schuster's Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen grows near, more and more details about this third-person shooter have begun to emerge. While this latest interview with Doug Hare of developer The Collective doesn't contain much new information, it does carry with it six new screen shots. While they have been marred with GameSpot UK's hideous logo, they are certainly a testament to the fact that the Unreal engine still has plenty of life left in it.

    The interview itself contains several comments about the Unreal engine and how it was adapted to make a third-person adventure game out of a first-person shooter. Mac users in particular should be quite glad The Collective went to such lengths, as the fact that this engine is portable to the Mac OS most likely made a Mac version of The Fallen a possibility -- several other Trek titles from Simon and Schuster did not make it to the Mac OS.

    Here are some details on what they added to the already-gorgeous Unreal engine:

    We have written new particle systems which allow us to realize many more particles on screen than UT, this becomes apparent when you see certain scenes with amazing snow or rain effects. We added a complex cut-scene editor that allows level designers the ability to create very elaborate cinematics. We also wanted a more dynamic music experience so we integrated the Miles audio system which allows MP3 playback. Wait till you hear the music across the game as a whole, it really raises the bar for interactive audio. Other additions include things like projected shadows, advanced player navigation that assists you in climbing over objects or hanging from ledges and distance fogging in some levels.
    The interview also contains a complete listing of the weapons available in the game. This is the first of a two-part article, so be sure and look for the second half tomorrow. DS9: The Fallen is due late October/early November for Mac and PC.

    DS9: The Fallen Interview and Screens
    Official DS9: The Fallen Site
    Simon & Schuster
    The Collective
    DS9: The Fallen
    Buy DS9: The Fallen

    Oni Reaches Beta 18
    11:27 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

    Matt 'Wannabe PR man' Soell has yet again posted a progress update on one of Bungie's upcoming games; this time it's Oni, their 3D anime-inspired combat game. They have currently hit Beta 18 and are implementing sound into the game for the cinematics. Here is the news on Oni:

    So I had this idea last week (actually the idea has been around for a while, I just didn’t do anything with it until last week) that I should give you guys a regular progress report for all our titles in development (the ones that aren’t secret, that is). Since Oni qualifies as one of these, and since a lot of things are happening quite rapidly with Oni right now, and since I forgot to write one up last week, it only makes sense that I give y’all a quick run-down of what’s going on.

    - We’re at Beta 18.

    - Marty just showed me one of the cutscenes with his sound work finally added. It’s really choice stuff; when you get Oni, try playing with the sound off sometime to see how much atmosphere you miss when Marty’s contribution is absent. NB: Please remember to turn the sound back on when you’re done with that little experiment. Otherwise Marty will kill me.

    - A while back we had these plans to do some cool marketing tie-ins for Oni, the sort of things we don’t normally do. There was one very cool project in the works, and a few days ago a couple of us wondered "Oh yeah, whatever happened to that Oni [censored] that [censored] was doing back before we got bought out? Is that still gonna happen?" Well, it is. :-) I for one am really looking forward to it, and I expect many of you will buy more than one. On a related note, it should be a relief to some of you that Take 2 is all over this sort of thing and definitely has a marketing plan for Oni.

    - Sneaking up on an enemy and using Konoko’s back-breaker move is even more fun than just running up and beating the crap out of him. Joe "Fight Dirty" Staten is a big fan of stuff like this.

    - The Screaming Cannon is aptly named. I remember back when we were testing Marathon 2, seeing a shotgun turn someone into Rice-A-Roni for the first time and thinking "They’re gonna love this." The Screaming Cannon has the same sort of effect. :-)

    - Chris Butcher said something that really impressed me: "Everyone agrees that our final level is really tough and immensely fun, but so far no two people have come up with the same strategy for finishing it." How many different ways of finishing are there? One must wonder.

    - You might hear a familiar voice or two in Oni. ;-)

    Although Oni has been in development for a long time, the beta testing seems to be going well.

    Soell's Oni Update at Bungie.org

    Carbonizing Freeverse Games
    11:21 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

    Classic game developers Freeverse have provided Mac OS 9 (and below) users with endless hours of fun with games such as Byte Me and Burning Monkey Puzzle lab. What about those brave souls using Mac OS X Beta? We contacted Colin Lynch Smith and he told us that Freeverse is now in the process of 'Carbonizing' all their games, and of course they will be carbonizing their future games too. Check it out:

    We're carbonizing as we speak! The majority of our titles should be fully
    carbonized by MWSF.

    Other news? Bridge should be done by x-mas

    Although not ready now, their titles should be ready by January's Macworld San Fransisco, where a more stable version of OS X will surely make an appearance.


    Mac Baldur Joins The IMG Network
    9:50 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

    IMG is proud to announce the addition of Mac Baldur to the IMG Network. Dedicated to all things Baldur's Gate (and related games), Mac Baldur features daily news, features, a lively forum, downloads, links and much more.

    Mac Baldur was created by Jay Swartzfeger, and has been serving the Baldur's Gate Mac community since December 1999. As part of becoming an IMG Network member, the Mac Baldur web site has gone through a complete graphic redesign and content overhaul, so be sure to stop by and check it out!

    Mac Baldur

    Voodoo4 Review
    9:30 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    A helpful reader made a post to our forums pointing out a review of the Voodoo4 4500 at Thresh's FiringSquad. This is the "little brother" of the 3dfx's Voodoo5, with only one chip and a lower price tag. The single chip means 4x Full Screen Anti-Aliasing is out of the question, but they report 2x FSAA is possible. The review puts both the PCI and AGP versions of the card through tests on a number of different PCs, with fairly good results. They also compare it with NVIDIA's GeForce 2 MX, which is also supposed to be supported on the Mac in the future. Here's a clip:

    Seeing as the Voodoo5 wasn't exactly a stunner in the performance category, what could happen to a Voodoo5 that is cut in half? Since blazing performance was not the reason people bought the Voodoo5, fears should probably be somewhat alleviated. People wanted the compatibility guaranteed by 3dfx's strong reputation, FSAA, and possibly Glide support. The Voodoo4 maintains all that, but don't expect FSAA performance to be a no sweat feature.
    As also noted in the past, performance between cards on Macs and PCs can vary greatly, due to a number of other factors. 3dfx seems to really be targeting the Voodoo4 at graphics users, but many gamers might find it a more reasonable buy at around $120 than either the Voodoo5 or Radeon. The official Mac boards haven't been sighted yet, but are supposed to be available this month.

    3dfx Mac Voodoo4 4500 Page
    FiringSquad Voodoo4 Review

    Click to enlarge
    Diablo II Realm Hack Fixed
    9:18 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

    Freedom from hacks, cheating and 'trained' characters was one of the selling points of Blizzard's Diablo II, as that developer learned their lessons from past experience. By storing all pertinent information on remote servers, character data was supposedly out of reach of hackers, and online cheating was to be kept at a minimum. This weekend that cheat-free world, known as the "Realm," had its first breach. An amateur hacker wrote a small patch which allowed players to turn on "Hostile" mode anywhere. Normally, hostile mode can only be turned on in certain areas, and in violence-free towns players are normally safe. "Player Killing," The practice of killing another player for fun and profit, became much easier with the release of this patch.

    The sight of this hack struck fear into the hearts of those whose experience of the original Diablo was ruined by rampant hacks and cheating. This time around Blizzard took quick action and patched the Diablo II realm servers, making them safe again. Blizzard left this message in the Diablo II forums explaining the situation:

    All Realms have been updated with new software that breaks the Realm hostility hack.
    Even though Blizzard stopped this problem, one wonders what else could be done to break the "unbreakable" Realm servers. In fact, the hack's creator reports that he has two more ready for release within the next couple of weeks. Only time will tell if Blizzard will be able to plug the holes or if online play in Diablo II will share the same ignominious fate as the original.

    Blizzard Entertainment
    Diablo II
    Buy Diablo II

    Click to enlarge
    Halo Progress Update
    9:09 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

    Bungie's Matt Soel has posted a new forum message in Bungie.Org's popular forums where this time he doesn't talk about Oni, but about their most awaited (and perhaps least understood) game Halo. They are making a lot of progress with indoor engine, and finishing up their complete engine re-write. Here is Matt's update:

    In defiance of expectations, I’m actually writing this update thingy. And this week it’s at bungie.org, because I love those guys. At some point I’m going to have to decide on a permanent home for these dispatches. Actually I have one in mind already, but I can't tell you what it is yet. :-)

    - Did I mention last time that we’re interviewing like mad? It’s still happening.

    - We’ve been looking at the floor plans for our new space, and things are starting to come together. Amusingly, just like the last time we moved, we completely forgot to allocate any space for a storage closet. Trying to rectify that. Lots of windows in our new space though.

    - We’re coming up on the end of a major engine rewrite. We’re now very close to having the indoor areas kick as much ass as the outdoor areas, and consequently the game will be split more evenly between them (previously the outdoor stuff was going to seriously outweigh the indoor stuff). Whether you’re outside or under a roof, in Halo things will look better than anything else out there.

    - Jason is splitting his time between AI work and story work with Jaime and John. The AI stuff is still in the planning stages, but it should be very cool. The aim is to make it the most fun AI to play against (or play with, if it’s on your side).

    - There’s also a new rasterizer in the works so we can take advantage of all the cool Xbox features. "Per-pixel everything," said Chucky, with a characteristically depraved grin.

    - By the way, we’re all very disappointed that none of you took the time to post a "Happy Birthday Chucky" message even though we made it a news item on www.bungie.net. Chucky’s doing well, considering – right now we’re much more concerned about Jason’s habit of dumping his lunch on himself – but we were hoping for a little support from you guys.

    - Rob assures me that my personal favorite tool of destruction, the mysterious "wall-hugging hippo," still exists. Thus we end on a high note.

    Halo is due for the X-Box upon the debut of this Microsoft console; it will come to the Mac and PC an unknown period of time afterwards. The X-Box is widely expected to be more than a year away.

    Matt Soel's Update on Halo Progress
    Bungie Studios
    Halo: Combat Evolved

    GameRanger Adds Star Wars Racer and Risk II
    6:00 AM | Jason Sims | Comment on this story

    Two new titles have been added to the already-impressive list of games supported by GameRanger, a popular and Mac-only program for organizing multiplayer games and chatting with other gamers. The new titles include Star Wars Episode I - Racer and Risk II. GameRanger now supports 43 titles and has over 30,000 members worldwide!

    IMG Review: Star Wars Episode I - Racer
    IMG Preview: Risk II

    Tactical Ops Beta 1.5 Released
    6:00 AM | Lucian Fong | Comment on this story

    Tactical Ops, an extremely popular modification for Unreal Tournament, has been updated to Beta 1.5. This mod has been compared to the Counterstrike modification for Half-Life, and rightfully so, as the mod is improving with each update. This release marks the debut of a skeletal animation system, which brings much more fluid animation than seen in preview versions. Also included are two new models, custom skins for Special Forces and Terrorists, and several new maps. Here is a short list of changes that have been made to the weapons:

  • New Weapon: Steyr Aug - Scope Included

  • M4 Colt Carbine removed (Old hands and old model)

  • Weapons tweaked (less recoil, effective range, more/less damage)

  • New weapon sounds

  • Grenade velocity increased.

  • Knife becomes the professional weapon! Blood covers the knife blade, use Altfire to clean it. Firemode key allows to switch between stab and throw mode. You need to buy more knives to throw them. If you're standing really close BEHIND an enemy (stab mode) you will cut his head off (and killing him).
  • Many more changes have been made to the gameplay and maps, in addition to the usual bug fixes. For those of you interested in a complete list, visit the link below.

    Tactical Ops is available in two formats: a zipped UMOD (59 MB) or as two seperate non-UMOD packages (System Files-16 MB, TacOps Maps-43 MB).

    Download Tactical Ops Beta 1.5 (59 MB)
    Changes in TacOps Beta 1.5

    MacSoft Release Updates
    6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    MacSoft's main page has been updated to note the release of three new titles. First, they mention that BeachHead 2000 is now available for sale. This recreation of the classic BeachHead pits you as the last gunner to stand against endless waves of enemy forces. Here's an excerpt with details:

    In Beach Head 2000, players must battle an overwhelming onslaught of enemies from land, sea and air from the point-of-view of a lone soldier manning a desolate bunker on a wind-swept beach. Featuring real-time, photo-realistic 3D graphics, sophisticated enemy AI, and immersive sound and special effects, Beach Head 2000 is sure to recreate the chaos of military conflict like never before!
    BeachHead 2000 will need only a fast 603 or 604 processor, and no hardware acceleration is required. The title is 'value' priced at under $20.

    MacSoft also notes that two other games, Risk II and Wheel of Fortune, should be available tomorrow, October 17. Both were ported by Westlake Interactive and should be a lot of fun. Read through IMG's preview of Risk II for more on this title.

    MacSoft Web Site
    Westlake Interactive
    IMG Preview: Risk II

    Doom Legacy Mac Status
    6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Stomped caught word of a new .plan update from one of the people behind Doom Legacy, the open source project updating the classic Doom codebase. This project is very similar to what the Aleph One team is doing with the Marathon source, and will also be expanding to other platforms very soon, including the Mac. Here's a clip from Thierry Van Elsuwé's .plan:

    More than 30.000 people have downloaded Doom Legacy 1.30 until now (in two monthes), which is quite impressive and much more than expected. Our objective is of course to do better results in the futur, especially with the new OSes Doom Legacy will support in a near futur. OS/2, MacOS and BeOS are on the way and some of them are near completion, or at least at a "releasable state". I hope we will be able to show you something quickly.
    Doom Legacy adds features like OpenGL support, other hardware 3D effects, and multiplayer enhancements to the original Doom. We'll keep following this issue and let you know once something is available for download.

    Doom .plan Update
    Doom Legacy Web Site

    Click to enlarge
    Tomb Raider: Chronicles Preview
    6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Gamecenter has posted a preview of the last in the current line of Lara Croft-based games, Tomb Raider: Chronicles. The game was just announced by Aspyr Media as coming to the Mac, thanks to Westlake Interactive. The PC version will also contain a level editor from Eidos, though whether this also makes it to the Mac is dependent on Aspyr paying to this ported in addition to the game. Here's a clip from the preview:

    In their journey through Lara's past, players will have access to more moves and gear. Lara has apparently been studying gymnastics; she'll be able to do an Olympics-caliber dismount off of certain horizontal bars. She'll also take a page from the Wallendas with the ability to do a bit of tightrope walking. The tightrope walking will take a bit of practice, however, as Lara has a tendency to sway from side to side. Players will be able to correct her swaying by using the left and right arrow keys. Lara will now be able to climb pipes and columns, as well as yank down tiles to get up into the ceiling and do a bit of sneaking about. As for the new gear, Lara will be sporting both a shiny black catsuit with Matrix-like sunglasses and a mouth bead, as well as a winter camo outfit, complete with merchant-marine beanie.
    Chronicles will be the last of the series to use the existing format and graphics engine of the other Tomb Raider games. Not much is known about the next generation of games, except that they will be episodic, with new pieces being released over a period of time. There is no official availability date yet for Chronicles on the Mac, but it seems reasonable to think it would be out fairly soon after the PC version, considering Westlake's experience with the Tomb Raider engine.

    Gamecenter Tomb Raider: Chronicles Preview
    Aspyr Media Web Site
    Aspyr Media
    Westlake Interactive
    Core Design
    Tomb Raider: Chronicles
    Buy Tomb Raider: Chronicles

    Click to enlarge
    Rune Impressions, Screen Shots
    6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    Our CGA partner Stomped has posted up a quick preview of Rune, the upcoming Viking-flavored action/adventure game from HumanHead. They have played a recent build of the title and seem very pleased with it so far. Here's a excerpt of their impressions:

    The game takes place in the middle ages during the time of the Vikings. The player character, Ragnar, is the only survivor of an attack of his fellow band of Vikings thanks to the magic of the treacherous villian Conrack. Ragnar has Odin, the head of the Norse gods, behind him, as he seeks to defeat the villian, but will it be enough to defeat Conrack? We will let you know in our full review later this week.

    Human Head has done a lot to the Unreal engine for Rune and it shows. This could be the most beautiful looking game ever to use this engine and that's saying something. The controls of the player character are very smooth and are more akin to a first person game rather than your normal third person Tomb-Raider style adventure.

    Check out the rest of the preview for more info, including some great new screen shots taken of the game. For even more eye candy, check out PlanetUnreal, which has 12 new pics of in-game action.

    Rune was just recently announced as being Gold Master and ready for production on the PC. The Mac version should hopefully be released within a month of the PC build.

    PlanetUnreal Rune Shots
    Stomped Rune Impressions
    IMG News: Rune Reaches 'Gold' Status
    Gathering of Developers
    Human Head Studios
    Westlake Interactive

    Click to enlarge
    Volition Game Updates
    6:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

    GameSpot recently attended a press event from THQ, who was showing off two upcoming games from Volition. Their first-person shooter Red Faction is looking to break ground not only with its amazing graphics, but impressive physics engine as well. A new article from GameSpot notes what has been updated in this latest build of the game:

    Volition added two more demo levels to the latest build of Red Faction. The first is a wide-open warehouse with a powerful turret gun placed in the middle. In this level, enemy soldiers run into the warehouse from one of several doorways in an attempt to reach you before you gun them down with the turret. By the time all the soldiers have rushed the turret, the warehouse is pocketed with blast marks and giant gashes caused by the explosive rounds. The second demo we saw was of a museum housing all of the game's enemy soldiers, creatures, and other NPCs.
    Red Faction is set to be released early next year for Mac, PC and Playstation 2.

    Volition's other game is Summoner, a RPG with full 3D graphics and a deep storyline. The game shown must have been the final build, since the Playstation 2 version was just sent off to production last week. Mac and PC versions will follow this Winter, with added multiplayer capability. Here's an excerpt about the title:

    The detail on the characters is impressive, although the animations right now sometimes look out of sync. The environment in the forest level looks very realistic: there's lots of shrubbery, and the horizon is lined with tall trees. We fought a few barbarian fighters, and were able to try out some of the game's spells, including fireballs, blizzards, meteor strikes, healing spells, regeneration spells, and bless spells. We also cycled through various armors and weapons for the characters. Summoner is reminiscent of some Japanese role-playing games, so perhaps as an homage the male warrior was seen wearing laminated, vertical strips of armor reminiscent of samurai armor, and he wielded a katana. We also saw the characters using axes, daggers, swords, scythes, and staves.
    For more on Summoner, check out a new movie of the game from IGN. It's from the PS2 version, but there shouldn't be many differences between this and the Mac/PC versions.

    GameSpot Red Faction Update
    GameSpot Summoner Update
    Summoner Movie (5MB)
    Red Faction

    Mac Games News for Friday, October 13, 2000

    Warcraft III Delayed Until Late 20013:09 PM
    Tanks of Terror Released3:03 PM
    More DS9 Details2:15 PM
    Marathon: Rampancy Due Today10:08 AM
    EFMI Preview at FiringSquad10:04 AM
    Info on Mac realMYST8:42 AM
    On Shadowbane and 'Newbies'6:00 AM
    realMYST Test released, PC Only6:00 AM
    Westlake to Port Escape From Monkey Island6:00 AM
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