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Tuesday, September 26, 2000

Halo/nVidia Movie, Take Two
12:08 PM | Max Dyckhoff | Comment on this story

Yesterday we brought you the news that a film from the Bungie fanfest in July had been 'rediscovered' by nVnews; while not earth-shattering, their post did have profound repercussions -- it motivated someone at Bungie to dig up the original movie that the camcorder was filming and send it out. Stomped got their hands on the original movie, direct from Bungie.

This time the movie is the original MPEG captured from the computer itself, and hence the quality is perfect. It regrettably doesn't have the voice of a Bungie fan in the middle crying "Woohoo, flamethrower!", which really made the day of Marathon fans.

VoodooExtreme has already mirrored the movie, and so has's Hotline server. This one is about half the size of the previous one, at a mere 25 MB. Even if you grabbed the larger one yesterday, go and fetch this one too, it's worth it. However, this promo does set a frightening precedent -- what if the next game you play interrupts the action for an in-engine commercial? "I am Ragnar, I chop heads! -- But first, have you ever considered the benefits of long-term mutual funds over short-term, low-interest savings accounts?" - Halo/nVidia movie
Stomped - Halo/nVidia movie
Voodoo Extreme - Halo/nVidia movie
Bungie Studios
Halo: Combat Evolved

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Shadowbane Testers Notified
4:39 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Crossroads of Shadowbane was nice enough to send us an e-mail noting that beta testers for the upcoming Massively Multiplayer Online RPG Shadowbane had received official word on how to sign up and receive their software. Those lucky few who were picked after signing up at Wolfpack's site long ago should have previously been notified. If you didn't get a letter yet, it is unlikely that you will be able to join the beta test. Here are more details:

Those signed up to beta test Wolfpack Studios' developing MMORPG, Shadowbane
( received confirmation e-mails today, with instructions
on where to fill out a Web-based form.

Shadowbane will be the first MMORPG (of the genre including Ultima Online,
EverQuest and Asheron's Call) available for Macintoshes since Delta Tao's
Clan Lord and 3DO's Meridian 59.

The first phase of beta is expected to begin in late November, with the
release next summer.

Mac gamers should definitely be excited about this title, as it will be the first of its kind to come to the platform. Shadowbane will also include many features not found in other MMORPGs like Everquest and Ultima Online.

A while back we found out Wolfpack was heavily Mac-oriented, and they are even using Macs in the developement of Shadowbane. IMG will be bringing you more details on the game very soon, so be sure to stay tuned!

CrossRoads of ShadowBane
Shadowbane Web Site
Mac Shadowbane Details
Wolfpack Studios

Legend on Mac Unreal 2
4:30 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

We recently spoke to Legend Entertainment's Mike Verdu about their upcoming sequel in production, Unreal 2. Legend gained fame in the game industry for their Unreal-based RPG Wheel of Time, which was critically acclaimed but unfortunately did not make it to the Mac OS. Legend was contracted by Epic to produce a sequel for the original Unreal, and expectations are high to say the least.

Earlier this Epic demonstrated several enhancements to the Unreal engine which were quite spectacular: skeletal animation, large outdoor terrains and characters with over 3700 polygons (vs the 800 or so used now) were just some of the ehancements mentioned. We were curious to discover if Legend plans on using these new technologies; obviously we also asked if they have any firm plans for a Mac OS version of Unreal 2, considering that Legend's previous Unreal-based game did not come to the Mac OS.

Here are Verdu's answers to our questions:

1. Yes, the new Unreal tech that was in the Epic demo will most certainly be
in Unreal II - that and more, actually.

2. Still can't talk more about Unreal II Mac plans yet. I know that there is
great enthusiasm in the Mac community for the Unreal and UT ports. I can
also say that I am hoping that we'll be able to get a partner (like Westlake)
to do a Mac conversion of Unreal II. The final decision will be made with
the involvement of Epic and Infogrames - and we're still a long way off with
U2, so concrete plans probably won't be made until early next year at the

Considering the large number of Unreal-based titles already on or coming soon to the Mac OS (Deus Ex, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen, Rune) a Mac version of Unreal 2 seems a virtual certainty -- but it is a pity that so little is known about the game itself at this point. Hopefully more details about the plot and design will be released soon.

Legend Entertainment
Epic Games
Unreal Engine Adds New Abilities

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Deus Ex Walktrough at CGO
12:56 PM | Max Dyckhoff | Comment on this story

Computer Games Online has posted a complete walk-through for the recently-released shooter/RPG hybrid Deus Ex from Ion Storm. It starts off with some general problem-solving tips for 4 types of occasions:

  • The locked door, with a keypad
  • Locked door or cabinet, no keypad
  • A whole bunch of enemies
  • Traps

It then launches into walkthroughs of each level, complete with helpful screen shots documenting certain places and login codes and passwords for all appropriate terminals. It should be noted that as Deus Ex has such massive levels, with many routes through each one, the walkthrough doesn't document each possible route. It just offers one or two alternative routes around some of the trickier places. Those who have already completed the game might find this a useful tool for discovering all the little things you missed -- and there are a lot of subtle little details to this engrossing game.

Deus Ex Walkthrough at CGO
IMG Preview of Deus Ex
Ion Storm
Westlake Interactive
Aspyr Media
Deus Ex

Dark Light Studios to make Mac games
12:30 PM | Max Dyckhoff | Comment on this story

MacZ Software of Finland has launched a new in-house games development team, to be known as Dark Light Studios. MacZ Software have made a number of shareware and freeware tools for the Mac, including OptimaHTML, URL Pad and HTML Converter. Dark Light Studios will develop games for the Macintosh and Windows compatible PCs.

Today they announced their first project "Sundown".

HELSINKI, FINLAND - 9/26/2000 - MacZ Software has announced that its in-house game development team, Dark Light Studios, is developing their upcoming game title, "Sundown". Formerly known as "The Dawning of Darkness", Sundown is a futuristic action RPG, which will be available on Mac and Windows platforms.

Since Sundown is expected to enter the final stages of development in late 2001, the game development team has decided not to set any final release dates yet.

There is very little up at the site yet, but it's worth a quick visit. Looks like Ambrosia Software might have a competitor?

MacZ Software
Dark Light Studios
Offical Sundown website

Unreal Fortress Articles
12:21 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Two new articles have been recently posted to the Web discussing the upcoming Unreal Fortress modification for Unreal Tournament. This mod is highly anticipated, as it will bring the classic gameplay of Team Fortress to UT players. In case you're wondering, Team Fortress was originally a QuakeWorld mod with character classes and an amazingly devoted following.

MapFortress has looked at one of the upcoming maps for Unreal Fortress and given it a quick review. They say it is, "quite possibly one of the most picturesque maps ever made," which seems like fairly high praise. If you're looking for more information on the mod itself, check out a new interview at UKFortress. Here's a clip talking about which previous versions of the mod influenced their work:

While working on UnF, which of the TF versions (i.e. QWTF, TFC, TF1.5, Q3F) has been most inspirational to your work? Are any of the UnF team big fans of any one of them?

Azm0, the founder and leader of the project, is an old-school QWTF player who played for some of the top clans. Many other guys on the team, including myself, are or have been TFC players. Most of us have tried Q3F as well, and Azm0 is a friend of some of the guys who have worked on that. So, we've really been influenced by all of them in one way or another. We've also been influenced in some fashion (even if minor) by a number of other team FPS games, like Tribes, Counter-Strike, Rogue Spear, etc. We've never consciously tried to emulate any game, to be honest. We just came up with what we thought would be fun.

There is no public release date for this Mod, but it is expected soon. If you think the hype over this UT mod is a little crazy, you might be right -- coverage of this unreleased project has appeared in several print magazines as well.

Unreal Fortress Web Site
MapFortress UnF Map Review
UKFortress UnF Interview

Rune Developer Update
12:15 PM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

A new developers' dairy has been posted by Human Head Studios' Chris Rhinehart, discussing the upcoming 3D melee combat game Rune. According to Rhinehart, Human Head has hit 'crunch mode,' that period of time when a deadline looms and bugs pop up seemingly at random. Here is an excerpt:

More signs that your project has hit crunchmode:

1) The office door hasn't been locked for weeks because there has always been someone in the office 24/7.

2) There's an abundance of blankets and pillows on office floors, so that people can take quick naps during compiles or level rebuilding. Or, so
that the person can crash overnight.

This is going to have to be a very quick one this time (), as we're incredibly busy with finishing Rune. What's left to
do you ask? Well, because we've already hit Beta, the game is feature complete, meaning that no new features will be added to the game. All
that is left to do is bug fix and tweak/polish everything that is already in the game. It sounds simple when mentioned like that, but, trust me, the
time leading up the very end of a project is easily the most stressful part of a project. Everyone is working furiously testing and fixing bugs. Many
times, some bugs can take days to track down, whereas others are incredibly simple and are fixed in mere minutes.

While Human Head is working on the PC side of Rune, Westlake interactive isn't far behind. Both Mac and PC versions are being published by Gathering of Developers, and should be out in late October.

Human Head studios
Westlake Interactive
Rune's developers' Diary

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