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Friday, September 8, 2000

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Status of Mac F.A.K.K. 2
9:52 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

We recently contacted Contraband Entertainment's Andrew Meggs about the status of the Mac port of Ritual Entertainment's Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K.2. He notes they are in the testing phase, which should mean the game is almost complete. Here's his response:

It's presently in compatibility testing. Not much else to report. A
demo release, if it happens, would happen after it's certified by
FAKK2 is a third-person action/adventure game from which will be published by Gathering of Developers. It has been garnering very positive reviews on the PC side, even though it is based on the risque Heavy Metal movies. The game is based on the Quake 3 engine, one reason for the relatively quick port to the Mac OS.

In other FAKK2 news, FGOnline has posted a quote from Ritual's Robert Atkins regarding the possibility of future sequels to the game. Here's a clip:

We have the story to the sequel ready and we will develop it internally. We want to grow the property and Ritual Entertainment will work on all future versions.
They also have comments from Atkins on the multiplayer patch currently in development which we reported on earlier this week. It will allow players to deathmatch against each other and should be compatible with the Mac version.

G.o.D. FAKK2 Web Site
IMG: Preview of FAKK2
IMG: Interview with Ritual's Scott Alden
Contraband Entertainment Web Site
FGOnline FAKK2 Report
Gathering of Developers
Ritual Entertainment
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

Monkey Byte Launches MyMonkey
3:56 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Game developer and publisher Monkey Byte Software has launched a new section of their web site, called MyMonkey. This personalized page, still in development, will allow community members to preview games in development, get special prices on games for sale and read community news. You can even get access to cheat codes for Monkey Byte games.

Once you fill out the login form, you're given a page with the latest news and updates on Monkey Byte games; in the future, members will get access to beta versions of games and the tools developers are using to create them.

Visit the Monkey Byte web site for more information, and check out their original titles in development as well as the many games they have for sale.

Monkey Byte Software

Global Mac Games Relaunch
2:41 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Recently Mac gaming league site Global Mac Games has re-launched their site for organizing Mac game tournaments, finding online opponents and joining or creating clans. While the site is still under construction, it will eventually feature a Java-based chat room, a live list of games and scoreboards for supported games.

Here is an excerpt from the press release:

One of the
Macintosh's first and oldest Mac-only online gaming leagues, Global Mac
Games, is reopening its site to the Macintosh community,

The Free Macintosh-Only Internet Gaming League is a collaborative project
between Global Mac Games, Autolycus Corporation & Macs N PCs. Through this
new partnership, Global Mac Games (GMG) plans on bringing the best
competitive online gaming experience available on the Internet to the
Macintosh gamer. Global Mac Games does not provide gaming servers to play
on but rather a common place for gamers to meet up and converse, compete
against each other, and report your games results to.

With Global Mac Games, Macintosh gamers can sign up for a free account which
will then give them access to the league. Please keep in mind though that
ONLY Macintosh gamers are able to access GMG, all other gamers will
immediately be given a nice, short message and then be redirected to the
Apple Store. Once logged into the site, the gamer will be able to talk in a
Java chatroom, read and post to an online messageboard (Soapbox), view a
list of current games on the Game Tracker, search the member directory, view
the individual game standings (Ladders), join or create online teams
(Clans), compete against other members in any of the supported games and
read up on site and gaming news from around the web.

Visit the site for more information. While it is still under construction, gaming leagues are already forming.

Global Mac Games

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New Warcraft III Images
2:08 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Our partner Stomped pointed us towards this screen shot gallery on GameSpot featuring Blizzard's upcoming 'role-playing strategy' title Warcraft III. Ten new images reveal this 3D-accelerated title in all of its glory; it looks quite handsome, even though it is far from Beta status in the development cycle.

Blizzard seems to have moved to a full-3D engine while retaining the unique look and character of the original two Warcraft titles. We've seen this game demonstrated twice, and the gameplay and action will be instantly familiar to fans of this series, but the addition of role-playing elements and scripted encounters will add depth to the game. Resource gathering has also been reduced in emphasis in order to focus the game on development of your Hero character and management of a small party of adventurers.

Recently this title has undergone several changes in camera perspective; this viewing angle seems to have changed once again, compared to the version of the game we saw at IMG, where it was actually quite similar to Warcraft II. Several magical spells are also in evidence, as well as buildings and attacks in progress. Rumor has it that Blizzard will announce the fifth "race" you will be able to play as in the game quite soon; currently there are Humans, Orcs, Undead and Demon races. Check out these screen shots and the official web site for more details.

Warcraft III Web Site
Warcraft III ECTS Press Release
New Warcraft III Images at GameSpot
Blizzard Entertainment
WarCraft III
Buy WarCraft III

Duke Nukem Forever Better Than Halo?
1:39 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

In a recent post on Planetcrap, 3D Realms President Scott Miller boasted that Duke Nukem Forever will blow away the competition. Here's the post:

We're not making the standand id/Epic/Raven/Ion Storm/Monolith/Valve shooter, we're doing something truly unique, innovative and exciting. The few outside people who've seen the game totally agree, and have even called what we're doing "the PC's Metal Gear Solid 2" and "blows away Halo." (That last comment from a top publisher who recently saw a demo of both DNF and Halo.)

So, just keep taking you're ill-informed shots at DNF, but be ready to beg us for forgiveness when the game comes out.
Considering that Duke Nukem Forever has been in development for over four years, all we can say is that it better be totally amazing, or else 3D Realms will feel the wrath of the gaming press and audience.

Planetcrap message logs

New Westlake Team Member
1:38 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Westlake Interactive, the Mac porting house responsible for many of the blockbuster titles appearing on our platform over the past few years, has added a new member to their team: Jesse Spears, author of the much-loved Harpoon series of games and a diehard fan of the Mac.

According to the update, Jesse is working on the mysterious Unimaginable project listed on the Westlake projects page. Speculation as to what this project is remains rampant, but obviously this project is no longer Contract Pending if a programmer has been assigned to it.

Jesse will be an excellent addition to the team, we have no doubt. And Westlake's continued growth -- they just added MacMAME author Brad Oliver a few months ago -- can only mean more ports for the Mac OS, faster than before.

Westlake Interactive Project Status Page
Westlake Interactive Adds Spears to Team

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New Rune Images
12:41 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

The official web site for HumanHead Studios' Rune, a third-person hack and slash title set in a fantasy-influenced Viking setting, has been updated with five new images, one of which appeared at another site recently. These gorgeous screen shots of the game in progress -- it should reach second beta soon -- feature the amazing textures and skies that the Unreal Tournament engine is so famous for.

A Mac OS port of Rune is currently underway, in the capable hands of Westlake Interactive. We'll have a status report on its progress very soon; we are suspicious they will hit Beta later this week.

In any case, if you are curious about this game which is due out around Halloween (October 31st, for those who don't practice this pagan ritual) be sure and check out the official web site for these new images and plenty of information. Rune will be published for Mac and PC by Gathering of Developers, and we anticipate a simultaneous release.

Official Rune Site
Rune Image Gallery (slow for modem users)
Gathering of Developers
Human Head Studios
Westlake Interactive

Weird Al's Great Adventure 1.0b4 Released
11:12 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Tom Rockwell has released Beta 4 of Weird Al's Great Adventure, a parody of "Adventure" on the Atari 2600.

The goal is to find the lost accordion and return it to Al's house. To do so you must find the key to Al's house, and possibly the keys to any or all of Al's band members' houses, all while avoiding the radioactive hamster, slime creature, and Pac-Man. Explore two towns, the sewers, the cemetary, Al's band members' houses, Dr. Demento's huge warehouse of records, and a forest.

The beta requires a PowerMac with 16MB of available RAM and 100MB of available hard drive space. To download the beta, head over to Macgamefiles.com.

Weird Al's Great Adventure web site
Download Weird Al's Great Adventure (37 MB)

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Tribes 2 Petition
10:51 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

When IMG broke the news that the Mac version Dynamix's upcoming team-based shooter Tribes 2 is no longer a sure thing, our forum lit up with depressed Mac users voicing their complaints. Many Mac users remember all too well how Tribes 2 publisher Sierra axed other Mac efforts in past, most notably Half-Life and Pharaoh, near the end of their development cycles. This time Mac gamers have a chance to make a pre-emptive move that might turn the tide in our favor.

Demand Mac recently opened a petition to bring this teamplay-based shooter to the Mac. If you want to see this game on our platform, be sure to visit and cast your vote.

If you don't know much about this game yet be sure to check out the preview at our affiliate site Gamecenter. There is even more information on the many T2 fansites such as Tribal War or Planet Starsiege. Tribes 2 for the PC will hit beta very soon and is scheduled to be released sometime this Fall.

Planet Starsiege
Forum topic: Do you think Tribes 2 will make it to the mac?
Tribal War
Tribes 2 Preview at Gamecenter
Demand Mac

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Diablo II Expansion Movies
10:43 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

While Blizzard continues to work on their Diablo II Expansion Set, PC.IGN has released four Quicktime format movies showing the new character classes in action. Theses movies were taken at the recent ECTS expo in London. The movies are actually video footage of a monitor, so the quality is not the best. These movies show various battle situations which feature new spells, new enemies and of course the new characters.

If you need more information about the expansion pack, head to Daily Radar and check out their preview; it contains a whole list of additions to Diablo II that will be included in the pack.

Diablo II Expansion Set
Diablo II Movies at PC.IGN
Diablo II Expansion Set Preview at Daily Radar
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II
Buy Diablo II

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Chat Transcript for The Fallen
10:06 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

The Adrenaline Vault recently hosted a chat on IRC with a few of The Collective's team members to talk about their upcoming Star Trek title, Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. The transcript of this chat has been cleaned up to make it easier to see the questions and corresponding answers, and it is an interesting read for anyone who is a fan of this game. A variety of topics are discussed, including a few Mac-specific questions (though none are particularly great). Apparently, the game will not be a hybrid Mac/PC CD, there are still no plans for a Mac demo, and there will be no Altivec enhancements (as is the case with 99.9% of Mac games). Here's a clip from the chat about the game itself:

Did you have to do any major changes
to the Unreal engine for DS9?

There are an ENORMOUS amount of additions
done to the UT engine. Skeletal Animation System, IK
System, Enhanced Particle System, 3rd-person camera
system, lip sync, real-time cut-scenes, dynamic/interactive
MP3s, shadows, etc...etc...

We have recently spoke to Simon & Schuster's PR guru Peter Binazeski, who told us that the game is still on track for an October release. He just came back from the recording studios in L.A. where all the actors for the game were recording the voice-overs for cutscenes and cinematics.

The Fallen will allow the player choose between three main characters from the series: Wolf, Sisko or Kira. The game will also support modifications, as Unreal Tournament does, and some are supposedly already in development. To see the game in action head over to PC IGN, which has posted five new screen shots taken at ECTS and a new movie trailer from the game. The trailer is rather large (18MB) so only grab it if you have the bandwidth. The Fallen is very near to completion, and should be released soon for Mac and PC.

PC IGN The Fallen Media
The Adrenaline Vault
DS9: The Fallen Chat Transcript
Simon & Schuster
The Collective
DS9: The Fallen
Buy DS9: The Fallen

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Mac Shadowbane Details
10:00 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Dr. Twister site dedicated to Shadowbane has recently published some very interesting information about the Mac OS version of this upcoming game. Shadowbane is currently one of the only Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs (similar to Everquest and Ultima Online) coming to the Mac platform. It also looks to have many improvements compared to the online RPGs currently on the market -- after all, you don't have to repeat your competitor's mistakes.

The site features a quick Q&A with Wolfpack's VP of Sales and Marketing Todd Coleman, which was completed right after this year's E3 in May. Many great things are said about the Mac platform, giving six specific reasons behind the simultaneous Mac version of this title:

1. Since we planned on this from the beginning, we haven't taken much of a hit to our dev schedule to support Mac.

2. In fact, developing for two platforms at once actually leads to more robust code. Some bugs lie dormant on the PC and cause issues on the Mac, and vice versa. By running on two platforms at once, more of these "hidden issues" come to light earlier on.

3. From a sales standpoint, Mac sales are climbing on a daily basis. On top of this, every Mac sold today seems capable of running Shadowbane.
4. None of our competitors support Mac. This gives us a nice market to go after.

5. As a platform, it performs extremely well. In fact, our best (i.e. fastest) test server internally is running on a G4. (Go figure.)

6. Our CTO, Naarsin, is a Mac loyalist. In fact, our development team is split exactly down the middle -- half of them program in Windows, and half of them program on the Mac. (and occasionally both sides will edit the server to keep it updated for Linux.)
It is highly gratifying that Macs are being used for both development of this game and test servers! Be sure to check out both the Dr. Twister and Shadowbane sites for much more info on the game. We'll keep bringing you word on its status as Shadowbane nears release next year.

Shadowbane Web Site
Dr. Twister Shadowbane Mac Q&A
Wolfpack Studios

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Shogo Status Update
8:33 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Hyperion Software has posted an update to their web site concerning the status of the Mac, Linux and Amiga ports of Shogo: Mobile Armor Division. There are many new screen shots as well, though they are all taken from the Linux build of the game. Here's an excerpt of the update:

Things have been progressing rapidly in recent weeks after the completion of the software renderer for LithTech V2. We are now about 98 % done with the Mac and Linux versions and about 95 % with the Amiga version. Most if not all remaining work revolves around the client and more specifically, the OpenGL renderer.

Hardware renderer (OpenGL)

The OpenGL renderer is practically finished. Speed and visual quality is on par with the DirectX version. Single-pass lightmapping is implemented using the widely available ARB_Multitexture. If this is not found, dual pass rendering is used.


Due to some missing functionality and the API still being in a state of flux, we have decided against the use of OpenAL for now. Sound is compatible to OSS/ALSA (i.e. /dev/dsp style). This ensures compatibility over a wide range of sound cards. The Linux soundcode was implemented in a very platform-agnostic way and it should port over easily to Amiga (AHI).

Memory consumption

We have been able to reduce memory consumption to below 64MB by forcing the server to free memory allocated for textures, models, sounds etc. prior to loading a new level. This also reduces memory fragmentation. Internal beta tests of the Mac version have already started and we are commencing closed beta-tests of the Linux version (currently only x86 although PPC is being looked at) next week with the Amiga version going beta shortly afterwards. We also intend to release demo's of "Shogo:MAD" for the respective platforms in the course of September.

With the Mac version 98% finished and already in testing, we should certainly see Shogo within the month. It is also interesting that Linux PPC users will get a chance to try the game as well, so there will be two options for Mac users wanting to play this game

Finally, it's good to hear the software renderer for the Lithtech V2 engine is complete, as it will make ports of other Lithtech-based games much easier. For more info on Shogo, be sure to check out IMG's preview of the game, and watch for a demo very soon.

IMG Preview of Shogo
Hyperion Software Shogo Update
Hyperion Entertainment
Shogo: MAD

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