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Wednesday, September 6, 2000

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Fate of Mac Tribes 2 In Limbo?
10:06 AM | Charles George | Comment on this story

As the game fell behind in development and its creators began to feel deadline pressure from Sierra, Dynamix's position on a Mac version of their hotly anticipated Tribes 2 has slipped from "yes" to "maybe." They went from putting together Mac builds to debating whether or not to do a Mac version at all in a very short time, a situation that is all too familiar for those who anticipated a Mac version of Half-Life only to see it axed at the last minute.

This backtracking has left many Mac gamers confused as to whether they'd ever be able to join in on the Tribes 2 action. IMG recently contacted Dynamix's Dave Georgeson about the Mac version of Tribes 2. He had this to say about its status:

"I can't answer that. We honestly don't know at this point. I'm not hedging here...I'm giving an honest answer. We won't know until after beta sometime when I have time to look at it. You should not take this as either a yes, no, or maybe. It is simply an "I don't know." "
While "I don't know" may not be the most popular or gratifying answer, it is better than a flat out "no." This at least gives Mac gamers a timetable of when to expect a final decision about the fate of the Mac version of this teamplay-based first-person shooter. Tribes 2 is expected to ship for the PC sometime this Fall, but has yet to reach beta; testing is due to begin later this week. While we wait for a final decision, you can discuss whether or not Tribes 2 will ever come out for Mac on our forums.

Tribes 2
Forum Topic: Will Tribes 2 Be Released for the Mac?

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Deep Space Nine: The Fallen Update
5:38 PM | Michael Eilers | Comment on this story

Our GCA partner Stomped has posted an update on the third-person shooter Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen from Simon and Schuster's Peter Binazeski. As this game approaches the end of the development cycle, the team at The Collective has been adding the last few details, including voice-over work by actors from the television series. Sadly, the voice of Avery Brooks (the actor who portrayed Benjamin Sisko) will not be included; most likely his reappearance as a TV spokesperson raised his fee beyond their means.

The update from Stomped is fairly short, so here it is in full:

According to Peter Binazeski, the Publicity Director for Simon and Schuster Interactive, the voices for the game have now been cast and have been recorded. Returning to their roles from the Deep Space Nine television series are Michael (Worf) Dorn, Nana (Kira) Visitor, Alexander (Bashir) Siddig, Armin (Quark) Shimerman, Rene (Odo) Auberjonois, Andrew (Garak) Robinson, and for the first time since she left the series in the sixth season, Terry (Jadzia Dax) Farrell. Actors Avery Brooks and Colm Meaney will not be reprising their TV roles of Sisko and O'Brien for the game.

Binazeski said QuickTime movie interviews of the DS9 cast members will be placed on The Fallen's official web site soon. According to him, the game is still on target to be completed and in stores in October.

Stomped also noted that they have a 'special surprise' related to DS9 coming soon, so we'll be sure and watch for that. DS9 is scheduled to be a simultaneous Mac/PC release. Visit the official web site for more details.

DS9: The Fallen Update at Stomped
Our Last 20 Stories on DS9: The Fallen
Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen
Simon & Schuster
The Collective
DS9: The Fallen
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Dragon's Lair 3D Shots
12:50 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Blue Byte's web site for their upcoming title Dragon's Lair 3D has been updated recently with six great new screen shots from the game. This remake of the classic Dragon's Lair is looking to be very polished, and quite an upgrade from the original. Although the game is completely 3D with a very advanced engine, the actual game characters themselves are rendered as pseudo-cartoon animation, similar to the 'anime' look of the PlayStation title Fear Effect or the animation of Fox's television series Futurama. Special effects such as fire, smoke and realistic shadows are also displayed in the new shots.

For those who never saw the rare original coin-op game, Dragon's Lair was an extremely unique title which used pre-drawn animated cartoon footage on video disc to create a game with totally unmatched visuals at the time. The game was extremely linear, due to its pre-recorded nature; this new incarnation will be quite the opposite, with a go-anywhere freedom and a much larger, longer adventure.

Here's a clip from the web site explaining some of the technical details about the game engine:

Dragon's Lair 3D's (TM) state-of-the-art 3D rendering engine will support Glide, Direct3D and OpenGL compatible 3D accelerators. Planned features include ultra-high-resolution and color depth combinations (up to 1600x1200x32 w/32-bit Z-buffer), with full scene anti-aliasing. The engine uses BSP-tree sorting, visibility portal calculations and dynamic Level-Of-Detail (LOD) switching to optimize performance on low-end systems and maximize performance and realism on high-end systems. Radiosity-based light maps, combined with dynamic diffuse lighting, will produce extremely realistic environments with proper light dispersion and shadow effects.

Finally, the beautiful world of Dragon's Lair 3D (TM) will be brought to life through the use of real world physics modeling and inverse kinematics, and will be populated with dangerous and extremely intelligent creatures featuring AI based on hierarchical Finite and Fuzzy State Machines.

All of this should translate into some very nice graphics and very fun gameplay. Dragon's Lair 3D should be out early next year. They also plan to release it as a hybrid Mac/PC title, which is great news indeed.

New Dragon's Lair 3D Screen Shots
Dragon's Lair 3D Web Site
Blue Byte

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French Touch in at MacWorld Paris
10:19 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Continental Mac developer French Touch has announced that they will be attending this year's Macworld Expo Paris. At the show they will be demonstrating their upcoming game WaterRace, a 3D boat racing title with blazing speed and gorgeous graphics. They will be showcasing it on various systems such as the iMac and a G4, allowing you to see it in action, if you happen to find yourself in the City of Lights. Here is an excerpt from the press release:

French Touch, the small European gaming software development company will
showcase at the Apple Expo 2000 Paris (13th to 17th September), its long
awaited boat racing game : WaterRace.

WaterRace is a unique game for MacOS, it is half way between an arcade game
and a simulation game.

WaterRace includes many interesting technological innovations such as a rich
fully 3D environment, a realistic physics engine, network playing, terrific
sound and music, pilots with their own characteristics and last but not
least, an open architecture allowing players to create their own ships or

Because it's fun and easy to play, all types of players will enjoy this

In addition, WaterRace runs on a wide range of Macs, form the first iMac
to the latest G4.

Join us at our stand in the gaming zone to discover WaterRace in action and
of course, try the navigation of one of these racing machines out.

IMG will have a correspondent at the Expo, and we will bring you the latest information on WaterRace and other news from the show.

French Touch
French Touch

Bungie News Returns, Job Openings
10:14 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Bungie.net web page has recently been updated with more good news for fans of the Myth series. Apparently a script error kept the news monkeys away for a while, but this should be resolved with the server by now. On that topic, two new job openings have been posted on the Bungie site. Evidently they are looking for people to join their Redmond web team. One listing is for Web Development Engineer and the other for Interface Designer, responsible for the look of their next-gen site and multiplayer games. Here's an excerpt:

Bungie's online team is seeking an interface designer to develop clean, powerful, sophisticated UI for our next-generation bungie.net web portal and multiplayer gaming servers. This person will work with the online team to improve existing systems and to develop better, faster, cooler multiplayer and community services. This person will also assist the development teams with the creation of game interface. The ideal candidate is a master of clean, intuitive user interface design, is a skilled graphic designer, and is familiar with multiplayer gaming and online communities. This position is a first for Bungie, so if you think you have what it takes don't miss this chance!
If you think you might have the skills, this would be a great chance to jump on the Bungie bandwagon. Polish up your resume and prepare to join the Collective -- er, we mean Bungie Studios.

Bungie.net Web Site
Bungie Interface Designer Job Posting
Bungie Web Engineer Job Posting

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More Warcraft III from ECTS
10:09 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Gamecenter has posted an in-depth look at Warcraft III from the recent ECTS Expo. This upcoming Blizzard title is wowing everyone who sees it, as is to be expected. In the following snippet, the preview explains how the small number of resources in the game will be a new twist to the gameplay:

With resources in short supply, you had better spend that money wisely, and in Warcraft III that means heroes. You can still build grunts and peons and the like, but nowhere near as many as in the older games. In addition, heroes are far more powerful adversaries than a humble grunt. Send a bunch of grunts at a hero, and the chances are they won't come home. Blizzard has gone to great lengths to make sure that the gameplay stays focused on building heroes, increasing their abilities (spells and the like), and then keeping those heroes alive. Gone are the days of building a vast army of cheap units and overwhelming your opponents. In Warcraft III you need to learn to care for your heroes and build a much smaller army.
We're very much looking forward to Warcraft III's release late next year. Check out Gamecenter's huge screen shot and concept art gallery for the game to see what the excitement is all about. VoodooExtreme also grabbed five new shots of the in-game action, so have a look at those as well.

GameCenter Warcraft III Screen Shots
GameCenter Warcraft III Preview
VoodooExtreme Warcraft III Screen Shots
Blizzard Entertainment
WarCraft III
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