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Wednesday, July 26, 2000

ATI Takes Blame For Leak
8:42 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Last Wednesday during Macworld Expo NY, IMG broke a story that would send shock waves throughout the Mac community. The unveiling of ATI's new graphic cards based on the Radeon chip was pulled from Steve Jobs' keynote, and from demo machines on the show floor.

ATI suffered the wrath of Steve Jobs after an ATI press release boasted that three new systems would have ATI graphics in them. The statement went on to say that , "One will be an iMac with the RAGE 4XL chip, the remaining two are PowerMacs which will ship with RAGE 128 PRO standard and Radeon." The release was sent over Business Wire a full two days before Steve Jobs' keynote.

In a statement to MacCentral, ATI said it takes full responsibility for accidentally leaking information two days early.

"Without going into great detail, ATI provided Business Wire Trade Show Services with the wrong information," ATI spokesman Brian Chadderton told MacCentral. "It was our fault and we take full responsibility for that."
When asked how this would affect Apple's relationship with ATI, the spokesman declined to answer.

So now the question that remains unanswered is; will the new Power Macs ship with the incredibily superior Radeon or the aging Rage 128 Pro cards? ATI hopes the spat will eventually be resolved and that the Radeon will make its way into the new Power Macs as a BTO option.

MW: ATI Has Surprise for Mac Expo
MW: ATI Scuttlebut Scuttles Radeon!
MacCentral Report on ATI

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Stiles on the Diablo II 1.03 patch
3:33 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Following our news report yesterday about the upcoming Diablo II 1.03 patch, John Stiles, one of the programmers on the Mac team who worked on Diablo II, sent IMG an email to clarify some issues people were having with the game, specifically with the Rage 128 cards. In his email Stiles explains what bugs will be fixed in 1.0.3 (and ones that will be fixed once ATI updates their drivers) and when we can expect it to be released:

There are admittedly known issues with PCI Rage 128 boards, which is the stock configuration on a Blue & White. However, this is NOT a Diablo II bug--there is a graphical corruption problem with ATI's drivers that affects Diablo II, and they are diligently working on fixing it. They have promised us a solution; unfortunately, they have not been able to specify a date. As soon as they release new drivers, we will immediately issue a patch to re-enable RAVE and OpenGL on PCI Rage 128 cards.

And an important thing to remember is that this problem does not
significantly impair the gamer's ability to enjoy the game; it just makes
the graphics a little less impressive. Diablo II only uses the 3D card to
provide perspective correction, and enhanced lighting/magical effects. The game still looks really gorgeous in software mode. Most games nowadays refuse to run without 3D acceleration, or they look terrible and have slow framerates; Diablo II was designed to have awesome, smooth graphics, with or without 3D hardware.

As for the Cinema Display, the problem was already discovered and has been corrected. Cinema Displays will work properly in the 1.03 patch.

So far, we are working very hard to ensure that the game quality is up to Blizzard standards of A++ quality. We believe that we've resolved all the major known issues, we're working together with ATI to make sure that the Rage 128 problem is a very temporary one, and we're preparing to release the 1.03 patch very soon which should solve almost all of the complaints about the current release.
As soon as the 1.03 patch is released, we'll be posting it to Macgamefiles.com.

Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II
Buy Diablo II

Terminus Updated to 1.6
2:29 PM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Vicarious Visions has released another update to Terminus, the persistent universe space combat sim, bringing it up to 1.6. The latest version includes a slew of bug fixes, additions, and more.

Version 1.6 includes extensive changes to multiplayer Terminus. For this reason, both servers and clients need to upgrade to 1.6. Also, several mission scripting errors were corrected. Terminus will no longer allow you to load a save game where a broken script is running. If you attempt to do so you will receive the following error message: "A script in this save game was found to contain an error.

To download the latest patch (as well as the demo), head over to Macgamefiles.com.

Download Terminus 1.6 From MGF

Quake 3 Team Arena Pre-orders
10:50 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

The Shugashack has discovered that EBworld is now accepting pre-orders for id Software's upcoming mission pack for Quake 3 Arena, Team Arena. The set price is currently at $29.99, and they have set the release date for the 27th of the September; however, retailers are usually the least reliable source of ship dates for products, and this date is by no means official.

In addition to all this new info about Team arena, they also have the first picutre of the box, showing what we think is a high-tech marine. Here is EBworld's description of Team Arena:

While the focus of gameplay in Q3A was deathmatch and the individual player, the focus of this mission pack is team play. Players will select from five different teams, each with their own pre-designed logo and skin. Q3A Mission Pack also features twelve new arenas (8 team and four tourney arenas), several new game types, and a revolutionary AI that simulates live opponent play characteristics.
The name says it all - id is focusing on team-based game types. With this in mind they are planning on making 6 different types of games, as well as include several new weapons, a ton of new skins, and of course more maps to crush your enemies upon.

Id Software web site
Team Arena at EBworld

Diablo II Expansion Pack?
10:14 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

The Infoceptor has posted information that they claim provides evidence that a Diablo II expansion pack is coming from Blizzard. While digging through the data files in Diablo II, they found data that describes new weapons, monsters, an acid damage type, and two new player classes (a Druid and an Assassin). Infoceptor even speculates that the expansion pack will be announced in September at ECTS, the European entertainment show.

Could the data be just left over or unused data from Diablo II or evidence of an expansion pack? Stay tuned!

The Infoceptor

IMG's Voodoo 5 Preview Coming Today
9:45 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

IMG's Senior News Editor, Michael Eilers, is feverishly working on our Voodoo 5 preview and will be published at 5 PM Pacific/8 PM Eastern when the press embargo is lifted. We received our preview board at last week's Macworld Expo and have been putting the card through its paces. Be sure to check back in at 5 PM Pacific for the complete preview!

Myth: TFL Physics in Myth II
9:39 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Myth Townhall caught word of a new plugin for Myth II: Soublighter that mimics the physics of the original game, Myth: The Fallen Lords. This is a great idea for those that loved the original game's play, but want the sequel's improved graphics and interface. Here's a list of changes:

1.All melee units pathfinding has been upgraded around to .400 , meaning that there will be no such thing as clumping in this plugin and it will make melee battles look a lot cooler not to mention realistic.

2. Archers, Soulless, Bre'nor are all less accurate then they use to be but can still be very lethal once turned into vets or are in big numbers and this also makes Myth more realistic.

3. Dwarfs are not as great as they use to be in M2 but they are not as bad as they were in TFL so you must be more careful when using them.

4. Satchel charges now pound the earth below giving it a much better effect like it was in TFL.

5. All string lists / descriptions from every unit that was in Myth:TFL has been added with M2 string lists/descriptions.

6. Some of M:TFL interface has been added into M2 to give that M:TFL feel and which looks a lot better then it is in M:TFL .

7. Dwarf bottles are now more bouncy like once again and carpeting works again.

8. The old TFL wight hit sounds are now back into m2.

9. Thrall now have their old death animation back which looks real cool!
Head over to The Mill now for more infomation and to download the plug-in.

Myth Townhall Web Site
TFL Physics Plugin at the Mill

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Tropico Interview, Images
9:35 AM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

The Corporation has pulled aside PopTop's CEO for an interview about their upcoming 'dictator sim' Tropico. They also scored four new screenshots, showing off this game which is based on the Railroad Tycoon II-engine.

We were very impressed with Tropico at Macworld NY, as it is quite a different take on the genre. As opposed to other mundane sim games, Tropico is a set on a lovely tropical island, with you playing the dictator who must bring his third-world country into the 21st Century. For more details on this game, here's a clip from the interview:

Can we expect to see any features not yet seen in other strategy games because of the game's 'evil' nature?

Well actually Tropico is not evil by nature. It's more light hearted and something of a spoof of the regimes of the Latin American governments of the pre-1990's. We allow the player to determine if they will be "evil" or not, we make no demands on the player in the realm of ethics. We provide the player with the tools to rule and they take care of the HOW.

Keeping your population in check is a large part of the game, since they can put together a revolution to overthrow you, if you let them get out of hand. The final release of this game won't be for a while, since much of the artwork has yet to be done, but the engine features are complete, and they are shooting for a Mac/PC release early next year.

The Corporation Interviews PopTop CEO
PopTop Software
Buy Tropico

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New FAKK 2 Shots, More
9:31 AM | Toby Allen | Comment on this story

Actujeux, a French gaming site, has put up six extremely high-resolution screenshots (1600 x 1200) of Ritual's third-person action/shooter Heavy Metal: F.A.K.K. 2. FAKK 2 is based on the movie sequel to the original Heavy Metal movie, and is powered by the versitile Quake III: Arena engine.

On a related note, "Levelord" at Ritual has updated his .plan file with the information that they are aiming to complete the PC version of this game by this Friday, and that they have tons of testers to stomp out the remaining bugs.

FAKK 2 for the Mac is being ported by Contraband Entertainment, and will be released shortly after the PC version. Stay tuned to IMG for a preview of FAKK 2.

Levelord's .plan
Ritual Entertainment
Actujeux's FAKK 2 Images
Contraband Entertainment
Gathering of Developers
Ritual Entertainment
Heavy Metal F.A.K.K. 2

Marathon Resurrection Update
8:55 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Marathon Resurrection, the Unreal Tournament mod that aims to bring Marathon back to life, has posted an update on their web site. Although the team has been quite the last few weeks, it reassures visitors to the site that they are still working on the mod.

We're alive, everyone! It's been two weeks since our last update, but it hasn't been due to illness or neglect. At Team Unpfhorgiven, we're busting our butts getting a supremely monstrous update whipped up.

More of a rebirth, actually.

In roughly a week, this site will be reborn, and you can expect some insanely cool new stuff to go with it's christening!

Screenshots? Rocket Launchers? Free stuff? Did someone say QTVR?

You'll see! Stay tuned...
For more inforation and screenshots on Marathon Resurrection, head over to their web site.

Marathon Resurrection

Codebook 4.0.1 Released
8:11 AM | Tuncer Deniz | Comment on this story

Codebook 4.0.1, the large collection of cheats, walkthroughs, Internet URLs, patches, saved games, maps, images and info for Macintosh games, has been released. The new version includes the following fixes and additions:

Navigation: The Codebook now uses the new navigation services for handling files.

Bugs: A few minor bugs and one major one has been fixed.

Real-time search optional: You can now search using the enter key or not.

Preferences: Changed the layout of the prefs window.

Skins: Besides a few more skins to use, a few minor errors have also been fixed.
To download Codebook 4.0.1, head over to Macgamefiles.com

Download Codebook 4.0.1 from MGF

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