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Wednesday, July 19, 2000

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MW: Keynote, Mac Halo Confirmed
9:06 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Ah, the keynote speech. Steve usually does such a good job, the rest of the expo is anticlimactic. Last year's Halo and iBook introductions floored us - it will take a lot to thrill us this year. Here is a summary of what the man in blue jeans had to say...

Steve made it a point right away to introduce the new mouse - a buttonless, optical mouse with the highest optical resolution on the market. The entire mouse is the button, supposedly, which means we are still stuck with one button. A new keyboard as well has joined the lineup, as expected, with some extra kicks such as volume up/down keys and an eject disk key. Surprisingly, this will ship with iMacs as well as pro models. Both will be available for purchase for $60 apiece from the Apple store, shipping in September. Not critical news for Mac gamers, but interesting - at least Apple is paying attention to the interface between gamer and Mac.

Dual Processor G4s - this isn't much news for Mac gamers, yet. Games are single-thread applications; they try to do one thing very fast (play the game!) rather than do several things at once, which is where multiprocessing excels. John Carmack created an MP-aware version of Quake NT which only gained 10% to 20% in speed. Dual processor does NOT mean twice as fast for many, many things - especially Mac OS 9, which is barely MP-aware. The real bonus is that the second processor is actually free, as prices are not changing, but until Mac OS X ships, that second processor may be bored. As for Mac OS X, it will be public beta in September, and is due to ship in January. There was NO mention of the ATI cards in these G4 Macs, much less a mention of the Radeon, which is a huge disappointment.

And then the good stuff started. Ed Fries made a surprise appearance on stage with an announcement that Microsoft will create a new company that will bring Microsoft games to the Mac OS, led by Peter Tampte, who they recently acquired with their purchase of Bungie. Supposedly they will port the entire line of Microsoft titles, which may even include the often-requested Age of Empires II. This was very brief, and we're not sure what the final implications will be, but Microsoft does have some really great games on the horizon, and it is very nice to know we will be getting Mac versions of them.

And then the news we were waiting for - Alex Seropian of Bungie Studios showed up to announce that there will indeed be a Mac version of Halo, and to show the new full-length Halo trailer as well, from DVD. He also said future Bungie titles will come to the Mac as well. However, no dates of any kind were mentioned, and no mention of whether the Mac version would ship before or after the X-box version is complete.

Now, we know gamers do not get very excited about the iMac. However, a $799 iMac is an aggressive lunge at the low-end PC market, and it is quite a package. The DV iMac is now $999, and it has Firewire; The DV+ is faster and more powerful, and sports a DVD-ROM drive, but scrapes the low-end with a $1299 price tag. The DV Special Edition, for $1499, includes a 500 MHz G3 processor, which makes it a serious gaming machine - however, Steve again neglected to mention what graphics chip is at the core of these models, so it seems as if the predictions of new ATI chips in the iMacs was also false. All the colors have changed, so all of your colored peripherals are now obsolete. We won't bore you with the iMovie 2 demo.

As for the Cube? We can't figure this one out. There is nothing about this Cube that will make it a sale to gamers, especially the lack of expandability. It still requires you to buy a monitor, so it violates the iMac all-in-one-box ethic. And the price tag, $1799, gives you no reason to not go ahead and get a full G4 450, with an AGP slot, 3 PCI slots and 2 free drive bays. Again, no mention of what graphics hardware the Cue will use. Overall, a total zero for gamers, and a head-scratcher for everyone else. We're seriously concerned about Apple's product strategy in this direction. And we can already hear the PC bigots crowing about Apple's new Toaster Mac.

Aside from the three minutes about Microsoft and Bungie, this keynote was a big yawner for Mac gamers. The news that Halo is indeed coming to the Mac OS is of course excellent, and the idea that future Microsoft games may be coming to the Mac OS takes some of the sting out of losing Bungie to the Borg Collective. However, no hardware was introduced that is likely to make a serious impact on Mac gaming, and no mention of new ATI hardware at all (or 3dfx, for that matter) seems to give evidence that Apple still holds Mac gaming at arm's length. We will have to head to the show floor and do some digging, and see what third-party solutions have stepped into the gap Apple has left for gamers.

Macworld Keynote Webcast
Bungie Studios
Halo: Combat Evolved

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MW: The Fallen on Track for Mac
10:56 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

While attending MWNY, IMG got a sneak peek at Simon & Schusterís forthcoming 3rd person shooter based on the Unreal Tournament engine, Star Trek Deep Space Nine: The Fallen. We met up with Ken Gordon, The Fallenís producer, and PR guru Peter Binazteski. Currently the PC version is nearing completion, while the Mac version is in early development; they indicated that once the PC version is complete, the developers will concentrate on the Mac version.

Their goal is to have the Mac version released simultaneously with the Windows version. "We believe in the Mac platform," Ken Gordonís stated several times, revealing his commitment the Mac platform.

With many features already implemented, the game is on track for a September release. Although there are no current plans for a Mac demo, they are considering this as an option. While playing the game we managed to swipe a load of new screen shots, revealing some of the tremendous enhancements that have been made to the Unreal Tournament engine. They have also provided us with a new movie, giving you a great overview of the game. We were very impressed, and are looking forward to the final release of this title.

DS9: The Fallen
DS9: The Fallen Screen Shot Gallery
Simon & Schuster
The Collective
DS9: The Fallen
Buy DS9: The Fallen

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Neverwinter Nights Interview
3:11 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

In the midst of all of the MacWorld excitement, there is actually other news worth reporting. WomenGamers.com has a new interview with Bioware's producer for Neverwinter Nights Trent Oster. We haven't heard much about NWN since E3, so it's worth heading over to get a little refresher course on this game. In case you're wondering, Neverwinter Nights is a 3D RPG that is attempting to fully recreate the pen-and paper-AD&D experience. It will feature amazing graphics, an intuitive interface and a simple but very powerful 'module' editor that will allow you to create your own worlds. Here's a clip from the interview:

Tell us a bit about the Dungeon Master interface. How much will the DM be able to control the game? Is it possible for the DM to switch
camera views to see different world areas, or to find separate party members?

We are still in the middle of designing the DM interface and a large number of possibilities are still up in the
air. Our goal is to allow the DM to interact with the game with the same omnipotence he/she would have in
the pen and paper system. To this end, the DM has to have quick access to all the creatures in the game, so
a quick encounter should be easy to drop in on an unsuspecting party. The DM also has to have a method
for keeping an eye on the players and watching their progress.

Be sure to head over and read the rest of the interview. You just can't get too much of Dana Scully, Warrior Princess...

WomenGamers Neverwinter Nights Preview
Neverwinter Nights
Neverwinter Nights
Buy Neverwinter Nights

MW: ATI Scuttlebut Scuttles Radeon!
2:39 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG just met with ATI staff, and they had quite a bombshell to drop! You may have noted in our Keynote report that we were curious about the lack of mention of ATI hardware, specifically the Radeon card, which has been announced for Mac OS today and was rumored to be an OEM option for the new Power Macintoshes.

Well, that rumor cost ATI, big time! When the Bizwire report on Macworld Expo Exhibitors surfaced, dozens of news outlets (including IMG) reported ATI's plans for the Expo. However, that short summary gave away several key secrets from the Keynote - specifically, it hinted at the two new PowerMacs (the MP models) and the new iMac DV SE revision, and Steve Jobs was extremely upset at this. He likes surprises.

According to ATI, Steve ordered all Radeons to be pulled from the show floor, and wiped all mention of ATI out of his keynote speech. He also canceled part of the keynote where an ATI exec was supposed to speak, and demo the Radeon! It seems no one leaks Steve's secrets without dire penalty. It wasn't clear who was at fault for the leak, but it seems to have come from the ATI side.

This tiff between Apple and ATI is presumed to be temporary; ATI is working to get their demo Radeon cards back on the show floor and still has plans to ship an AGP Radeon model in September, followed closely by a PCI model. Also, the Radeon cards are still presumed to become OEM options for the MP G4 towers at some point.

In related news, we understand that the graphics cards in the revamped iMac DV line are indeed Rage Pro 128 card, limited to 8 MB of memory. The G4 Cube ships with a 16-MB Rage 128 Pro card in a 2X AGP slot. The small form factor of the Cube may preclude the installation of many 3rd-party video cards, as will its lack of a fan; for example, the 3dfx Voodoo5 card is almost 13 inches in length.

We'll bring you more reports on ATI's new hardware as the expo continues. One thing is for sure - they have learned to fear the wrath of Steve!

ATI Surprise for Macworld Expo

MW: Feral Interactive New Titles
2:07 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Feral Interactive is the UK company which brought Racing Days R and Championship Manager to the Mac OS; they are currently working on bringing Maxis' Sim Theme Park to the Mac. This port is currently in beta, and is due in September.

Feral also had two new titles to announce: Enemy Engaged, a helicopter combat sim, and Formula One 2000, a racing sim from Electronic Arts. Both of these titles are due in Q4 2000, but they currently have no US publisher for either. We are VERY excited about these two titles; in the demos of the 3dfx Voodoo5 5500 we have seen so far, flight sims and racing sims benefit tremendously from 3dfx's Full-Screen Anti-Aliasing, as the long sight lines tend to generate lots of jagged edges. The racing games we played on the V5 looked nearly photorealistic!

We have known for some time that Feral is working on a fourth project; however, we still can't get them to say anything on the record. We can't hint about it, under penalty of death, but we will say that the title is a major one on the PC side, and Mac gamers will love it, definitely. Watch for Sim Theme Park early this Fall!

Aspyr Media
Sim Theme Park
Feral Interactive UK
Formula One 2000

MW: MacSoft to Bring Rogue Spear, Tons More
1:20 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

IMG just met with MacSoft in their limo at the expo (see related story) and wow, did they have a tale to tell. Not only is Rogue Spear, the sequel to strategy/shooter Rainbow six, in development, but there are dozens more titles on the way.

Besides Rogue Spear (which will include the expansion pack Urban Operations) due this Christmas, MacSoft is bringing the critically acclaimed Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption, a unique 3rd-person gothic adventure, to the Mac OS. Also coming are Beach Head 2000, a revamp of a classic Apple II/C64 title, Driver (now due this Fall) and Links LS 2000, due in September. Worms: Armageddon is still on track as well, for late Fall.

MacSoft shipped the long-awaited Asteroids at the show, a 3D revamp of the classic Atari game. They also announced a HUGE partnership with Hasbro Interactive, which will bring dozens of titles to the Mac OS. The other Atari retreads - Centipede, Pong and Breakout - will also be coming to the Mac OS, along with many consumer offerings such as Risk II, Jeopardy, and Wheel of Fortune.

There are also a host of edutainment titles on the way: Mac Kid's Pack, Mac Tonka Truck Pack, and more. MacSoft has got a veritable flood of titles due for the Christmas season, that's for sure.

We weren't able to pry the information from them as to who is doing the Mac ports of these titles, but we are fairly certain we can pin a name to at least three, perhaps four of the secret projects from Westlake Interactive's projects page as of today. We'll see if we can fill in more of those blanks as the day progresses.

Rogue Spear Screen Shot Gallery
Rogue Spear
Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption

MW: GameRanger to support Rogue Spear
12:50 PM | IMG News | Comment on this story

The popular GameRanger service is reporting that it will support Rogue Spear, the sequel to the popular Rainbow 6 game, which will be coming to the Mac this Fall. This realistic anti-terrorist game will be released by MacSoft around November and include full GameRanger support for playing with your Mac friends. Here's a bit more about Rogue Spear:

Rogue Spear is the highly anticipated sequel to Rainbow Six. Back in full force
is Tom Clancy's hallmark realism and suspense. From a hostage situation at the
Metropolitan Museum of Art to an airplane hijacking, team Rainbow battles
deadly terrorists to save the world again. With both real-world strategy and
explosive action, features include new weapons and full sniper support. With
over 400 new motion capture moves, terrorists and hostages will react even more

Team members no longer bunch up in tight quarters, and can now move in a crouch
and peek around corners. Enhanced levels of details ensure a heightened sense
of realism: the frozen breaths of team members will be seen puffing from their
mouths; footprints are left behind in snow and mud; all-new wound effects on
terrorists and hostages, and added damage effects on in-game objects adds to
the intense game play. Guide your team with a joystick, add more terrorists
with the mission editor, and send friends a copy of your greatest attack with
the cinematic replay feature.

Some of the New Features:

  • Replay feature allowing players to record a mission and then watch the
    action from the perspective of any member on the team.
  • Full new sniper support: sniper team member specialists, sniper weapons
    and special planning & action phase controls for snipers
  • Improved team AI will assist with preventing stuck or crowded team
  • members in tight spaces
  • New weapons and special items
  • Multi-player arm patch to help distinguish team members
  • Greater and more varied responses from terrorists and hostages
  • Fantastic new wound effects with characters and damage effects with
  • Improved special effects with grenades, weapons, and flashbangs
  • Weather effects including snow & rain
  • Move while crouched and peek around corners
  • Joystick support
  • Complete multiplayer support on GameRanger!
This is great news for Clancy fans, and we should be hearing lots more about MacSoft very soon. Our staff just met with them at MacWorld and have some great news to announce!


Doom 3 Interviews
12:34 PM | Andy Largent | Comment on this story

Doomworld has posted a huge article which discusses id Software's title in early development, Doom 3. This six-page round table asks many questions of no fewer than eight 'big names' in the Doom world, including John Romero (ex-Id employee who worked on the original Doom). They cover a variety of topics about what the game should - and shouldn't - be. Here's a clip:

Should id Software incorporate the ideas of its fanbase when constructing this new DOOM?

John Romero:

Hmm. I wouldn't. I would stick strictly to the canon of the DOOM franchise and very
carefully add elements that add to the integrity of the series. It's all about capturing
the old magic and presenting the same feeling and emotion of the original. Listening
to everyone else just provides more noise to muddle the intense design process -- it
will *not* be easy trying to make a game that captures the original essence of DOOM
and the less distractions, the better.

With many of id's original members who worked on Doom now gone from the company, it will be interesting to see how this game turns out. The article is definitely a good read for those excited about this game. id has noted several times in the past that Doom 3 will come to the Mac, but only for users running Mac OS X. Since it should be at least a year or two before Doom 3's release, this may not be a problem for many gamers.

Doomworld Doom 3 Roundtable

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MW: United Developers Brings 4 Titles
11:51 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

We've had a tough time keeping our mouth shut about this one, but now the story can be told - a new company has formed, headed by Ritual CEO Ron Dimant, to publish titles for the Mac OS. Joined by Contraband Entertainment and Logicware, United Developers will bring four games to the Mac OS within the next eight weeks - the first-person shooter SiN, its expansion pack Wages of SiN, the WW II flight sim Fighter Storm (formerly known as Screaming Demons Over Europe) and a spectacular RTS by Hasbro Interactive known as Majesty.

SiN is a classic shooter from the PC side; using the Quake 2 engine, this is a sci-fi adventure with great visuals and lots of powerful weapons to brutalize your foes with. The expansion pack takes the game even further, and this game is considered an underapreciated gem by many games sites.

Majesty isn't just an RTS, it is an entire kingdom simulator, set in a fantasy Medival world. Combining magic and combat with economic and environment simulations, the goal is to build your kingdom and defend it against ecroaching forces. When you get strong enough, you can wage war against others and try to rule the land. Here is an excerpt from Gamecenter.com's review of this title (they gave it an 8 out of 10):

Majesty: The Fantasy Kingdom Sim is an epic, heroic, and even regal game for voyeurs. If The Sims is a dollhouse, Majesty is a complete set of action figures. It's the perfect real-time strategy game that succeeds where others fail. Some titles in the genre are dull variations on the same theme: build, attack, repeat as necessary. Majesty offers something different: a reason to play, an emotional connection, and something to watch beyond unit animations and explosion effects.
Read the rest of the review for more. Looks like we have another company bringing games to the Mac OS, and that can't be a bad thing, can it?

Gamecenter Review of Majesty
Activision's SiN
United Developers (under construction)

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MW: Warcraft III Coming to the Mac
11:28 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Following yesterday's exciting announcement that Diablo II for the Mac was shipping, Blizzard has come through again with even more good news, as expected. According to a new press release, Warcraft III will be coming to the Mac by the end of next year! Here is the press release in full:

At MacWorld starting today, Blizzard Entertainment announced plans for a Macintosh version of Warcraft III, the latest title under development in the company's number-one selling Warcraft series. Departing from the current generation of real-time strategy games, Blizzard is developing Warcraft III as a 3D role-playing strategy game.

By introducing role-playing elements to the Warcraft universe, Blizzard intends to elevate strategy games to a new level of interactivity. Instead of focusing on resource gathering and accumulating massive numbers of expendable units, Warcraft III will immerse players in a dynamic world, making the game environment much more compelling. Players will control smaller, more powerful forces as they adventure, complete quests and interact with non-player characters, while simultaneously devising strategies to succeed in the overarching mission of defeating opponents.

Key features in the game include:

  • Five different races to command including Orcs, Humans, Demons and Undead, each possessing unique units, magical abilities and weapons of war.
  • Legendary heroes lead powerful forces while completing quests, gaining experience and acquiring special items.
  • Fully interactive world that incorporates non-player characters; wandering monsters; neutral towns, strongholds and temples; and environmental effects.
  • Skeletal and skinning animation process allows infinite frames of animation resulting in true fluid movement of 3D models.
  • Advanced world design tools allow players to customize every aspect of the game including tile sets; character art; quests; mission objectives; and unit types, AI, attributes, special abilities and spells.
  • Expanded multiplayer options over Battle.net including a larger number of players per game and multiple game types including team play and questing.

The company's number-one selling Warcraft series has won industry acclaim and has shattered sales records. Since the original Warcraft: Orcs and Humans released in the 1994, the series has sold more than 4 million copies worldwide. Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness won multiple Game of the Year awards, as well as Best Multiplayer Game.

Warcraft III is expected to release in Macintosh format by the end 2001. The game will be available for about $55 at retailers nationwide and through the company's webpage at www.blizzard.com.

This isn't all-together surprising news, since Blizzard has never let us down before. But it is still great to hear, as Warcraft III is looking to be a simply amazing game! Tuncer spoke to Blizzard staff and reports that this title is expected to be a simultaneous release; we'll have more details from our meeting with Blizzard tomorrow.

Blizzard Warcraft III PR
Blizzard Entertainment
WarCraft III
Buy WarCraft III

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MW: Diablo II Sells Out
11:11 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

As expected, Blizzard's Diablo II is for sale on the expo floor - and as might also have been expected, it is selling up a storm! This port of the million-selling, record-breaking PC RPG is seemingly just as popular on the Mac side.

Our IMG correspondents at the expo report that the Outpost.com booth is totally out of Mac Diablo II, as are several other outlets. The few remaining copies are going very, very fast!

We have also begun to receive reports of Mac Diablo II showing up on store shelves, in Tennessee and Texas so far. The big chains (CompUSA, etc) expect to get their copies by this Friday, according to reports, and Outpost.com's online store lists the game as preorder, so copies are still reaching store shelves.

Once you grab your copy - and we know you will! - make sure you grab the latest patch from MacGameFiles.com to go with it. Please continue to send in reports of where you find this game on shelves - keep scouring the Mac-friendly stores near you!

Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II Preview
Mac Diablo II 1.0.2 Update at MGF
Blizzard Entertainment
Diablo II
Buy Diablo II

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MW: Mac RADEON Announced
10:54 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

According to a note on MacNN, ATI has officially announced the Mac version of their RADEON series of cards, as expected. The $280 board (a slightly lower price point than predicted) will ship in September, will be both AGP and PCI, and will ship with 32 MB of memory. This is the midrange model of the PC lineup of Radeon cards, which includes a high-end model with 64 MB for $399. The AGP model will ship first, followed by the PCI model later this Fall.

As we noted in our keynote report, there is no mention of this card as an OEM option as of yet, but as it isn't shipping until September that is understandable, as Apple likes to announce products that are shipping the same day during keynotes.

We will be visiting the ATI booth later today to confirm these reports and find out more details on these exciting cards. One thing is for sure - 3 months from now, the Mac will no longer be behind the times in the 3D hardware department, with both 3dfx and ATI delivering cutting-edge cards for the Mac OS - and NVIDIA on the horizon.

ATI Mac Radeon Press Release
ATI Technologies Inc
Radeon AGP

MW: More on Apple/Microsoft Games
10:24 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

As we reported earlier this morning, one of the highlights of Steve Jobs' keynote speech was the news that former Bungie employee Peter Tamte is forming a company which will work to bring Microsoft games of past and present to the Mac OS. We have some details on what this might entail...

During the keynote, Microsoft games geek Ed Fries mentioned several specific titles that will come to the Mac OS - Age of Empires II, Links LS 2002 (a golf game), and MS Flight Simulator. There is even a possibility, although this has not been confirmed, that some older titles may make their way to the Mac, eventually. Here is a short description of Age of Empires II, which is an often-requested title by IMG readers:

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings is the sequel to the award-winning, best-selling real-time strategy game, Age of Empires.

Age of Empires II spans 1,000 years, from the fall of Rome through the Middle Ages, in which players control the destiny of one of thirteen civilizations. The game keeps the epic scope of Age of Empiresí gameplay while evolving the combat and economic features. Developed by Ensemble Studios, Age of Empires II features the expertise of Bruce Shelley, co designer of Age of Empires and the hit strategy game Civilization.

What might be more attractive to Mac gamers would be a port of future versions of Asheron's Call, Microsoft's ultra-popular 3D online RPG, but no mention of this was given. We will be hunting down Fries and anyone else with a Microsoft badge at the expo to find out what games we might expect.

One hidden benefit of this alliance that might materialize - we said might - is the end of the embargo against a Mac version of DirectPlay, Microsoft's proprietary networking protocol. Now, just because we will have a Mac version of Age of Empires II does not mean it will be able to play against PC players, but this is a great opportunity to break the barrier that has held Mac gamers back for so long, and open this protocol up for Mac developers to use. For that matter, although this might seem sacrilege of the highest order, a Mac version of DirectX 8 would be a huge benefit as well, making porting games based on that graphics API drastically easier. We know, that sounds like a true Borg-ification of the Mac OS, but the truth is that the majority of games for the Mac OS will continue to be PC ports for the foreseeable future. Why not have same-day ports instead of 6-month ports? So, be sure and use that Comments link and let us know what you think about this new Apple/Microsoft alliance - and don't forget our Forums as well!

Microsoft Games Page
MS Asheron's Call
MS Age of Empires II

MW: 3dfx Conference, Hints of AGP
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Tuncer Deniz and Jason Sims attended the official 3dfx press conference on the 18th. They learned several things of interest to Mac gamers. The Voodoo5 5500 PCI will be available for purchase at the end of July, while the single-chip Voodoo 4 4500 will be ready at the end of August.

One of the major items of interest was the 3dfx MacTools control panel, which is used to configure and update these cards. It has the ability to auto-update over the Internet, making for very fast updates, and can even re-flash the ROM on a card. This panel will also allow you to enable and disable FSAA and set the default bit depth, presumably, and perhaps tweak the gamma.

Most important for G4 owners, 3dfx hinted that they may make a flashing utility that will allow Mac users to use the AGP Voodoo5 5500 card; this may be their solution, rather than risking the failure of a Mac-specific AGP model for retail. As there is still no word on DVD playback support, there will most likely be few who will be willing to part with their stock ATI cards for now, but such a ROM flashing utility would allow hardcore gamers to enjoy the small speed boost offered by Apple's 2X AGP slot on Sawtooth motherboard G4s. Stay tuned for more details on 3dfx's huge presence at the expo, and follow the link below to see images from the press conference.

Images From 3dfx Press Conference
Mac Voodoo5 Screen Shots

MW: IMG Macworld Coverage Begins
6:00 AM | IMG News | Comment on this story

Inside Mac Games is at the Macworld Expo 2000 in full force, with our editor-in-chief and three other staff members there to scour every inch of the floor for gaming-related news. We have already learned some mind-blowing details on various products and projects, and we will be flooding the IMG news page with updates throughout the next four hectic, insane days.

You may have noticed a number of changes in the way that IMG delivers news to our readers; these changes are going to continue, as we strive to improve our coverage and our time-to-press. Unlike previous years, we aren't going to have a separate Macworld page - news from the Expo will appear right here, on the news page. Anything with "MW:" in front of it is news hot from the Expo floor.

The news page itself has gained many cool features lately; here is a short tour. As you may have noticed, you can click on a single headline on the home page to go to a single-article page, an option we created for our visitors who are modem users and complained that the full news page took too long to load. You can also view the news page the traditional way, by clicking the View All link. Archives and yesterday's headlines are at the bottom of both the full news page and article pages.

At the top of each article is the time, a link to e-mail the author of that article, and a link to a special comments page - use that link! Tell us, and thousands of other IMG readers, what you think about the article, its contents, and any other thoughts that come to mind. We'd love to hear your opinions.

IMG's news system is still in a slight state of flux, but we think we've got the bugs nailed and we're ready to add even more cool features in the future. We'll be expanding the search engine, retooling the archives and bringing more gaming news content online than any other site can hope to offer - after all, we've been around since 1992! Keep checking IMG often, because we will have the very latest from the show floor, with images, QuickTime movies, and hands-on coverage of anything and everything game-related.

Mac Games News for Tuesday, July 18, 2000

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