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Myth II 1.5 Final
Friday, June 4, 2004 10:19 AM | Eddie Park
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Wight! June 09 - 7:55 PM

ah, thank you for the info, ill be downloading hotline and trying to find them on that server, thanks again!

Kherdin June 09 - 8:40 AM

Also, to note: 1.5 didn't break compatiblity with those mods, 1.4 did, so it has been a while now.

Kherdin June 08 - 7:03 PM

The reason you can't play those is because those map developers used a _hack_ to create those projects. Instead of making a self-contained plugin, like Bungie advised mapmakers to do, they decided to change essential Myth files like the foundation files or patch 1.3 to insert their own tags into them. (The reason they did this was because under 1.3 it took a long time to load all the plugins, and they used a hack to load their stuff quick, but thereby making that myth install incompatible with anything else). All other plugins, done in the _proper_ way still work correctly under 1.5. New versions of Jinn and TSG, updated by some of their original creators, are available on the hotline server hl.udogs.net - so you can go there, if you want to play these.

Ureka June 07 - 2:28 PM

Just more of Project Magma's stellar work. You cannot play old things like Jinn and seventh god but you can play their Mazzarin's demise version IIX or whatever it is now.

They say it's the original mapmakers problems to keep their 3 year old work compatible with Magma's 'improvements'.

Myth's history has been stolen from it and no one cares.

Wight! June 07 - 7:35 AM

is there any way to play seventh god, jinn and green berets with 1.5? me and my friend tried to play and switched all the files we could in and out and nothing worked. sucks not having access to some of the biggest best plugs.

and the carnage continues
Ureka June 07 - 6:37 AM

And yet another new bug introduced by Project Magma. Capture the Flag now scores wrong. They say it's the communitie's fault for not testing their beta's better.

sleepy time
Rip Van Winkle June 04 - 9:33 PM


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