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Falcon 4 Realism Patch 4.08 Released
Monday, May 24, 2004 8:23 AM | Tim Morgan
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Ari May 24 - 7:39 PM

Yeah, and OpenGL support...

Ahh, memories
The Cow May 24 - 7:38 PM

I almost got into this game but then my Saitek joystick went bonkers on me and I couldn't move my plane 2 or 3 degrees in any direction. So I stopped playing Falcon 4. Such a shame really, because it looked so much better than F/A-18 games. But at least with that one you can still fly the plane with the keyboard...

If only...
ΔWSTE_M May 24 - 11:27 AM

..there was a Mac OS X patch for this game.. :(

Just pointing out the obvious...
Ari May 24 - 10:07 AM

There is no need to add MacSoft nor Westlake to your watchlist, because they are not going to patch or do anything new for Falcon4. MacSoft have completely dropped publishing the sim and Westlake haven't had the source code for the game for a couple of years now. It's a bit dissapointing that the best combat sim for Mac was left the state it is. :(

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Archives  News  Falcon 4 Realism Patch 4.08 Released  Comments