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Bungie Liberation Organization Debuts
Wednesday, September 20, 2000 4:09 PM | Michael Eilers
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re: little babies
CyberBob =PN= September 22 - 1:51 AM

It made - now the Mac world and the Linux world knows... nothing. What a suprise...


I have some fact .. oh they're not news huh?
boblet September 21 - 11:53 PM

let's all play 'spot the eejit'...
(can you say 'Bungie Liberation Orgaanization'? ok then how about 'Michael Eilers'?)
Bungie employee states (among other things):
they are rebuilding the MI/II support pages
they didn't want to give to Take2 because it mighta been bad
they want to build on what they have (
they will continue to support 'old' games (presumably MI and soon MII)
Bungie employee states:
some irrelevant MS employees hassled Bungie about the linux-based server, but were ignored _won't_ change to a MS server OS until it 'runs faster and crashes less' than unix
they are looking for a programmer with linux skills to help with the server
they are concerned about the end-user experience ie they want a cool as much as we do
the Bungie experience will get better for their acquisition - better product testing, better fan fests, just better

If you don't believe me, believe Bungie. If you don't believe they have your best interests at heart, go idolise another company. 7 years to Bungie world domination - we don't need chumps like BLO or piss-poor reporting from supposedly 'reputible' IMG in the way. Or the 'Mac-using MS-hating conspiracy angst club' either for that matter.

The BLO website is right about one thing though, it really does BLOw (its sucks as well btw). very ironicly apt acronym.

peace - boblet

PS and where did BLO steal all that nice Bungie-copyright art from huh? lamer...

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