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Diablo II Scams Update
Wednesday, September 20, 2000 8:31 AM | Andy Largent
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scamins nice
scammingggg July 10 - 11:56 PM

ok theres a lot of cool scams. i lost full talrasha (wut a dumbass) and this guy was laghing like no other.so i returned a favor to a lot of ppl. i got some sweet stuff and now i got 6 sets of full talrasha. find scams while u still can because they learn quick. SO FIND SOME AND IF UR STILLL READING THIS UR KOOL. LOL BIACH!!!!

(_x_) June 27 - 8:08 AM

err robert atchenson shut up u fag dont try sound all professional u loser

watch out 4 this fag
some one who plays d2 June 27 - 7:59 AM

there is this guy on us-west called dmhardcore he makes a clan called dm just so u join to get scammed and he has a web site that he made were he sends ppl to get hacked he has no life playing 24-7 blizzard send an assasian to slaughter him plz

Somebody June 26 - 5:46 PM

Scammin is GOOD U FUCKIN RETARD its their fault their stupid

not enough goodguys
Robert Atcheson November 05 - 3:17 PM

playing over the net should be a fun expreance. however that is sometimes far from the truth.most ppl are so consumed with acureing the best stuff .That seems to be the genearal theme,and to hell with everything and everyone. i try to help people out as much as i can .my only reward is smart ass comments and getting pk.ed by smug gits so is it worth the hasle.its easy to see how good helpfull ppl turn out evil and i think its sad for everyones enjoyment , acureing good stuffs a big part of the game but only a part.

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