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Aspyr Announces Homeworld 2 for the Mac
Monday, April 26, 2004 8:08 AM | Andy Largent
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william carl July 04 - 3:34 AM

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Kageryu255 April 27 - 10:45 AM

From the aspyr site..
"Additional tools and modules enable the community to develop new missions and mods."

Wonder what the chances of those making it over are.. that'd be damned cool.

sick and tired of old games
too little to late April 27 - 7:58 AM

hate to break peoples bubbles but as much as I love ASPYR and the Homeworld games (former PC user) there is know way I am going to pay 50 bucks for a game that I could buy for 20. The sooner ASPYR realises that the Mac and PC game market are linked the better. That being said I thank ASPYR for all the hard work they do and will be more then willing to buy some of their more recent game ports.

Riko April 27 - 7:03 AM

I am. looked at the game before and thought; 'this one we're never going to "get"'.

Really nice job Aspyr! Hope it makes more sales then Halo and gets less pirated by braindead dudes with no brains no job no mom or dad to properly raise them and no morals, just a 'I wanne have for free mentality'.

Andreas Weik April 27 - 6:26 AM

Man, that game looks really good. 'Though I'm not much into strategy games, this one looks so cool, I'd like to try it out.

Is there going to be a demo?

Thanx as always, Glenda. You and the other guys at Aspyr just rock.

Greetings, Andreas.

This is very cool!
Falcon1 April 27 - 5:16 AM

Well done Aspyr!!! Finally we get a great space game on the mac! Reminds me of the days of Wing Commander...

NemesisEG April 27 - 2:47 AM

Does no-one sleep at Aspyr ;-)

Another good title coming across. As the weeks go by, the PC at home gets more and more neglected. It's only EVE that's keeping it going to be honest.

Scerenon April 27 - 12:02 AM

With finals next week and no sleep, this was an amazing lift of spirits, hope it ships soon, been wanting to play the homeworld serires for a looong time!

SlugMan April 26 - 9:16 PM

I'm so happy right now :)

cross-plat network...
Cameroon April 26 - 9:02 PM

I have to say, it boggles my mind that this comes up with every port that involves DirectPlay. Really, our fav. Mac publishers aren't trying to keep us from playing against PC versions (unless you believe they enjoy the constant stream of crap that gets directed at them because of it).

Hell, it's probably illegal (thank you very much DMCA) to reverse engineer the protocols, even if someone wanted to do so.

Oh, and I say let the idea of a HL port die. Seems to me that it would be a lot of (wasted) effort to port this late in its life.

MCP April 26 - 5:53 PM


Only in engine-test status, but awesome nonetheless."

I know about this, and my comment stands.

ottomatic April 26 - 5:36 PM

"all Mac Gamers would be newbies" I wouldn't I ran HL on a old penitum 200mhz. It ran decent at the time. Then upgraded to a PIII 800MHz and got about 90 FramesPerSecond. and it looked significantly better. We need HL 2 to come to MAc b/c personally my MAc is a better gaming computer then my current desktop.

Space Shooters
Ku Genin April 26 - 4:44 PM

>If it is, Aspyr should also consider getting >Freelancer, we don't have enough good space >combat games on OS X (we don't have ANY >for that matter!).

Only in engine-test status, but awesome nonetheless.

cross platform
garymm April 26 - 3:52 PM

cross platform mutliplayer? please?

Voden April 26 - 2:58 PM

now this is a suprise, well done aspyr!!!

Postal April 26 - 2:41 PM

It's not any Mac publisher deciding that they don't want to publish in regards to Half Life. Valve/Sierra simply will not release it. They had close to, if not a a full FC, but decided to can the project because of all the continual updates that the game needed.

LordViking April 26 - 2:30 PM

SWEET CREAMY JESUS! This is awesome!

Jay April 26 - 2:25 PM

This is great news.

Half Life comment
MCP April 26 - 1:14 PM

"...then why not half life?"

I was thinking the same thing th eother day. I mean the old Half Life is a bit old, but can't you guys port the (Dreamcast cancelled turned) PS2 version which featured vastly upgraded graphics and the expension Blue Shift? You could call it Half Life 1.5... I mean, even Mac-to-Mac only internet play in Half Life 1.5 would rock as Mac gamers would ALL be newbies!

If we're porting Sierra games...
Alex April 26 - 12:53 PM

...then why not half life? No offense to Homeworld, which is a great series, but half life is widely recognized as one of the greatest games ever released. Wouldn't it make more sense to port that first?

Dan April 26 - 12:47 PM

Can't wait to buy it!

FuMacFu April 26 - 12:47 PM

I'll say it: w00t, AspYr r0xx0r!

David April 26 - 12:41 PM

Glenda: How's the speed comming along? I hope the req's arent too high.. :/

I'll still buy it
Mac Fool April 26 - 12:31 PM

The annoying MS libraries continue to plague us... but like Glenda said this is still too cool to pass-up.

I'm buying it!

Glenda Adams April 26 - 12:29 PM

>Mac to Mac network play only :(

DirectPlay unfortunately made this happen. But we thought the game was such a unique genre and so well done it would make a great Mac game anyway.


orangina April 26 - 11:39 AM

Mac to Mac network play only :(

Narles April 26 - 10:45 AM

I had the first two for PC and had them beat, then I switched to Mac and was sorely dissapointed that the Homeworld 2 wasn't out. Now I get to continue my Homeworld play on the best computing platform in the world! This is some sweet news!

Ohhhhh myyyy gawwwdd!!!
Arolte April 26 - 10:35 AM

Aspyr owes me a new pair of underwear.

I bought a PC just for HomeWorld
This is AMAZING! April 26 - 9:46 AM

This is the best news I've had for the whole year! Homeworld series are the only reason I bought a PC in the past two years. Between this and BF1942 who needs a PC?

I will buy five copies the day it comes out and give to my friends! Thank you Aspyr!

MCP April 26 - 9:42 AM

About Homeworld2, can you pilot a ship yourself as in the upcoming Mac port of X2 (or Starlancer etc), or is this another one of those fu***** point and click games?

I hate those.

If it is, Aspyr should also consider getting Freelancer, we don't have enough good space combat games on OS X (we don't have ANY for that matter!).

MCP April 26 - 9:38 AM


Just kidding.

Glenda Adams April 26 - 9:19 AM

Glad everyone is excited about this one, I've been playing with the early Mac builds and the game is gorgeous. I didn't play the first one at all, but I can see why HW1 and 2 were both so popular.

ben b April 26 - 8:54 AM

Nice :)
Grab the Anark plugin ( install it and restart your browser, then chek out the ships here

Cameroon April 26 - 8:50 AM

Oh that's awesome. I've wanted Homeworld for a long time (hell, even the original).

SWEET! Woooo!

My exact words were....
LMOP April 26 - 8:26 AM

Holy *hit!

Oh yeah
dontfearthetuba April 26 - 8:24 AM

The best news I've had all day!

Morrigan April 26 - 8:09 AM

i mean,


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