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Worms 3D Goes GM, Demo Released
Friday, April 9, 2004 6:27 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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mark April 12 - 3:59 AM

fsaa is pointless @ 640x480.

In response to Toc:
SticKboy April 12 - 3:58 AM

Have you tried lookig at the ReadMe for info on the full controls? Hpold the "Q" key for 1st-person view (should help with aiming *loads*); hold the "E" key for Blimp (top-down) view, to have a clearer picture of where the enemy is. Enjoy!

Lame game
Toc April 11 - 10:11 PM

The control is horrible, I have no idea what I'm aiming at. The old Worms was more fun, this one is just pretty.

ben b April 11 - 10:49 AM

FSAA is limited by your graphics card (GPU and memory) so different people will have different combinations of resolution and FSAA types available to them.
I belive the in-game FSAA option uses the super-sampling method which is very memory hungry. The ATI overrides control panel allows you to use both multisampling and supersampling so you an tweak a bit more for your particular card.

Kees April 10 - 4:00 PM

great fun. good for hours of fun or just a few quick minutes in between. Seems like a solid port too.
You can only force 4*fsaa at high res on ATi Radeons, through the ATi Display panel. (great stuff from ATi, btw)
Looks great, but does take a significant performance hit.

reaver April 10 - 9:43 AM

Anyone else unable to activate 4x FSAA on resolutions greater than 640x480?

Great Game
Narles April 10 - 6:45 AM

This is a great game. I wasn't even considering buying it when it was announced but after playing this demo I think I might just. This was a good pick Feral, I haven't been able to play a good game of Worms ever since I switched to Mac. Btw. F1, F2, F3, and so on also switch weapons.

Re: Switching Weapon
Glan Thomas April 10 - 2:14 AM

ctrl + click also brings up the weapon selection panel.

joe April 10 - 12:08 AM

It rules. Walking around is a little uncomfortable, though. And you right-click to get a weapons menu. Hope you have a multi-button mouse.

Switching Weapons
Gordon April 09 - 8:52 PM

Does anyone know how to switch weapons? I can't find it mentioned anywhere

Jason L April 09 - 5:06 PM

Fun game, but you can only play one round then the the game quits. Have to restart a bunch. Also, I would suggest you play a few rounds of multiplayer with yourself to get the controls and the angle of the arch.

Favorite move so far is the fire punch at close range. Also, can't close range shotgun because it will hurt both. Love how when you bring a worm into sights at close range and the worm notices, his chin quivers (if worms have chins).

Yep, congested
Jason L April 09 - 4:24 PM

I started my download at lunch when I was home. Then went and took an hour nap, and ran some errands into town, watched a show over at a friends house and came home. I'm am now unstuffing the package. It's a 9 minute unstuff for my 867 G4.

Nookster April 09 - 12:57 PM

Are you on a Commission or something?

(35-45KB/s without 'Pro', BTW).

Casey April 09 - 12:14 PM

I grabbed it using my IMG Pro account in 10 minutes....

MGF's mirrors are usually extremely busy. They host all the big Mac demos so that's kinda why I got IMG Pro. Super fast downloads.

Me April 09 - 12:06 PM

Yeah, I'm getting congestion too, but I still have 2 hours left to go

Download Difficulty?
Evan Sattem April 09 - 12:04 PM

I can't seem to get the download even started, with my download manager or with Safari, and I can't get any of the mirror sites to start for a long time too. When I did get it to work...its going at like 10 kbs, so its gonna take 4 hours! I have waited for this game for so long. Is this just server congestion?

troopersam April 09 - 11:40 AM

Worms with guns. Gotta love it.

Cool Beans!!!
Shagz April 09 - 8:47 AM

Thanks Feral....I'll have something new to try out tonight!

oh... my... sweet lordie lordie
dreadpirate April 09 - 8:44 AM

I knew it... I KNEW today was the day... Feral Friday! Yeeeeeehah!

RareWare April 09 - 8:02 AM

Lots of Game Demos at once. This is nice.

SticKboy April 09 - 7:41 AM

w00t w00t!

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