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C&C: Generals Demo and Radeon 9000 Issues
Thursday, April 8, 2004 8:56 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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fritz April 16 - 2:28 PM

? where is that option? I can only set detail and res in the demo.

Nova Sentinel April 13 - 10:24 AM

Turn off this "Draw Units Behind Buildings" option!

No more crashes, no matter what details u use!

they can lower the specs a little..
mark April 11 - 3:13 AM

they can lower the specs a little in my opinion.
it's more like a 867Mhz with a 64MB video card ;)

i have a dual 867Mhz with a Radeon 9800Pro and it runs pretty dang smooth

Jim April 08 - 4:50 PM

Just wanted to comment on down_town guy's statement. It's pretty bad PR to release a demo that has graphics card issues in the Mac market. Mac gamers expect software to work -- especially since we usually wait longer for games and pay more. That said, thank God this issue came out before its release. Demos are a good thing. If I like a demo, I usually buy the game.

>>> April 08 - 12:08 PM

A Radeon 9000 is a pretty lousy card. Even when the crashes are fixed, don't expect too much performance. I can play with a Geforce ti all settings maxed and 4xAntialias enabled in options.ini with no slowdowns. Geforce ti cards are not that expensive anymore.

crashes on 9000
dan April 08 - 11:36 AM

have a G4/450, radeon 9000P...crashes all the time

Simon April 08 - 11:20 AM

Sweet after battling with the Radeon 9000 problem , im glad this is being fixed!

Jason L April 08 - 10:24 AM

I too have a plauged 9000. I was able to play through the whole demo on my 867 G4 (though a little slow) with graphics turned all the way down but found that the speed actually increases if I turn the graphics to at least medium. But doing this causes the game to crash about 2-5 minutes into any mission.

game demos
down_town guy April 08 - 10:07 AM

Are you kidding ? This is THE perfect example of the benefits of game demos.

Then again, in a market of maybe half a dozen video cards max, how'd this get out?

Unless they fix the retail and never touch the demo (like UT2004 demo on single processor machines, promised but not delivered... yet).

LMOP April 08 - 9:59 AM

So does this illustrate demos are generally:

1) a good idea (effectively a wider beta test for the game engine) to allow people to gauge game performance without resorting to piracy

2) just another support burden and potential for bad PR

My money is firmly on (1) as I'm a consumer. I'd hate for this particular example to become an argument for scaling back on the production of demoes...

Will April 08 - 9:49 AM

Sucks for those who have Radeon 9000 :( The demo, although short, was spectacular :) It also confirmed that the game will run just fine on my 1.25 GHz G4 :)

Radeon 9000
Jim April 08 - 9:35 AM

Yep, it crashes constantly on my machine. G4 dual 1.25 FW800, Radeon 9000. Hope they fix it soon. Looks like a cool game.

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