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Alida for OS X Goes Gold
Thursday, April 8, 2004 8:19 AM | Eddie Park
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chocolate milk July 02 - 8:29 AM

i LOVED myst, i own all three and have beaten them several times... but i thought this was like the exact same thing, so i said it was worth a try. but its soo much different than myst. i mean, its all about this rock band that got real famous and desided to make a gigantic guitar! its rele cool! you guys just dont kno how to find stuff like that. losers.

The Cow April 08 - 8:12 PM

I think it's a Myst clone. I think I read somewhere it was all made by one guy, which is quite amazing. But since Myst killed my desire for games like that (frustrating as hell.. hated it hated it hated it grrrrr), don't think I'd be buying this.

Myst clone?
jack payback April 08 - 1:28 PM

is any of this real 3-d or just pre-rendered bryce? :P

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