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Command & Conquer: Generals Demo Released
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 8:42 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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What?, don't they know who we are?
Etraquer November 21 - 5:16 PM

This is a very influential speculative novel of

How well
Bill July 05 - 9:44 AM

How well would this game work on a 1ghz emac with ATI Radeon 7500 and 756mb ram?

Thanks. I hope other people test it too.
albert robert July 04 - 3:58 AM

What?, don't they know who we are?

generals on mac
will rogerson June 07 - 6:17 AM

have a 700mhz ibook, i know would run badly but demo was ridiculously slow. couldnt play it
do you think it would work well on a 1.25ghz emac with 1GB ram???

Jose Reynoso April 09 - 3:10 PM

Played today with my eMac 700. Plays decent enough for me to now consider buying it ASAP. If I could ask Glenda Adams to consider something else though. If Aspyr could host a forums section on there website where different mac owners could post how well your games on their systems i.e. a section for eMac's, a section for iMacs etc etc. just like on apple where you can select your hardware, then the exact model, and then post your experience with the game. in a sense, have players help other players get the most they can out of the hardware they own. for the record my eMac is 700 with a Gig of ram, 7200 rpm 8 mb cache 160 GB HD, with a Superdrive

PowerBook G4 800 DVI
G the R April 08 - 12:21 PM

Demo seems to run fine although a bit poky. Just finished one training mission...

japon_lot April 08 - 10:07 AM


Will April 08 - 9:51 AM

Worked GREAT on my 1.25 ghz G4 :)

I can't wait until the full version is released!

Bookman April 08 - 8:04 AM

Ran very slowly but playable on my "ancient" TiBook 667 with a Radeon 7500 with low settings at 800 X 600. Better than I would have hoped for. I didn;t have any crashes, but I skipped the training mission and went straight to China.

Runs great
Matthew Stoton April 08 - 7:27 AM

Played through the whole demo on the lowest detail and 800x600. Went fine. Being at the minimum requirements I did experience some stutter at times but its very playable on my new eMac.

Woot :)
Cameroon April 08 - 6:57 AM

1.8 Ghz G5, Radeon 9600

Plays well, but I needed to turning off 3D shadows and a few other minor things to get there. Made a big difference in performance. With the detail set to "High", it made my G5 crawl with more than a few units on-screen.

I'd guess this is video card bound game. Might be just the reason to upgrade the 9600 to a 9800.

No crashing problems though. My only complaint (after playing WCIII) is the lack of cohesion from units when you command them to go somewhere.

Runvs Great
SirFragsMore April 08 - 5:52 AM

Duel 2.0 G5 ATI 9800 Pro

No problems... only ran it at regular default mode.

Yes, I will but this game!
Go Aspyr!!!

CockneyGeezer April 08 - 4:35 AM

Machine Spec:

PowerBook G4 Ti 1GHz, 1GB RAM, 64MB VRAM ATI

After downloading the massive +300MB demo, I couldn't wait to play it.

After installing it, I launch the application. I was a bit concerned with the Menu screen action as the performance wasn't exactly fast and in low detail, but there was alot going on.

I started the training and the game crashed on me about 5 minutes in. Not a good sign.

I launched the game again, slightly p|ssed off, and tryed again. This time, I turn the resolution up and detail level to high. I restarted the Training level and this time it crashed on the Intro screen. I did notice that there is no 'skip' cinmatic key, or I couldn't find it.

After that, I gave up. Obvisiously, this game is going to crash on me more times than System 7.

And after reading this board, I seem that I am not the only one.

I have to say, the PowerBook G4 does surf quite abit from 'bugs' on Aspyr games. Is there no-one on the beta team that has a PowerBook G4?

If I do decide to buy this game, it seems that I will have to wait for a patch again... (Sim City 4 anyone?)

Sorry to say, a bit of a let down :(

mark April 08 - 4:34 AM

might be the radeon 9800Pro..

i don't
mark April 08 - 4:33 AM

i don't undestand why the specs are so high ?
it runs pretty dammed smooth on my Dual 867Mhz with a radeon 9800Pro.

and i din't get the 5 minute play issue.

Runs good
Toc April 08 - 3:12 AM

No crashes here, it might be ATI specific.

Dual G4 867
GeForce 4 MX
768 RAM

iMac G4 800 works
Not bad April 08 - 2:12 AM

played it on my iMac TFT 800mhz and it didn't crash at all. Looks like a nice game! I will buy it sometime when i get a G5.

bad quality
Mylo April 08 - 1:44 AM

I'm sorry but this demo looks like a bad port and it has only early beta quality. It crashes ervey other minute.

Glenda April 07 - 9:00 PM

We didn't experience any crashes in the final versions in hundreds of hours of testing, so these are definitely new problems we haven't seen (unfortunately some things never seem to show up until they get out in the real world). Please send crash logs in to so we can see what the cause of these crashes is.

Also try lowering detail settings to see if that helps.

Glenda Adams
Aspyr Media

Crashes are predictable
kmn140 April 07 - 8:12 PM

You should have at LEAST a 1.2GHz with pref. a 9700 or above.
The game will crash if you set the settings high enough such that your computer can't handle it... On a G4/867 Radeon 9000, when I set the graphics to custom, everything off, I finished all levels with no crashes... but when turning up details crashes become very predictable. For example I knew the program was gonna exit the moment all the particles from the mig firestorm demo came out. You can see the computer getting slower and slower until... *application has unexpectedly quit*.

and warcraft
mark April 07 - 8:06 PM

and warcraft 3 is a really good running game on the mac, since it's not a port...
that game even ran great on my old 400mhz G4.....

fun but bruised April 07 - 7:38 PM

Ow! Looks nice ... ow ... fun to play ... but ... ow ... keeps crashing ... ow.

Very Poor Execution
ron April 07 - 6:54 PM

Unforunately the demo is very much beta quality and the game looks unpolished too. I am running on 2x2Ghz with an ATI RV350 and getting 5 fps on the the intros. The game won't let me switch to 1024x768 or 1280x1024. Edge scrolling is broken on multi-monitor setups. There is a bug with ground textures making them appear blocky.

Maybe I am spoiling having played warcraft III but this game truly feels like a very bad 'port'. In all a very poor experience. I will definately not be buying this game.

Cool game, but crashes too much!!
Hatesac1 April 07 - 6:10 PM

Seems like a very cool game, but crashes after about 5 mins for me too. G4 733, Radeon 9000 Pro. Is running the game in 1024x768 the fix for now?? There a problem with ATI drivers possibly?? Thanks in advance.

Simon Davies April 07 - 5:32 PM

Well not terrible , gameplay is second to none and it plays like a dream and im getting great FPS.
for 5 minutes then it crashes.

Dual 1.25 G4 MDD
Radeon 9000
A gig of ram.

Well above system specs

same here
hammer April 07 - 4:38 PM

demo crashes very often on dual 1.25,radeon9000,osx10.3.3
from the state of fps it runs nice!

LightFox April 07 - 4:35 PM

The game is hella fun until it bombs out within five minutes of playing it on my 1 ghz powerbook. I hope they address this quick 'cause I already preordered the damn thing.

crash crash crash
Helios April 07 - 3:36 PM

Crashes the shit outta my dual 1.2ghz

Demos are not gonna make be buy the full game if they crash like this!

Im sure a fix will come along immediately!
*waits patiently*

Good game but...
Panic April 07 - 3:32 PM

It seems pretty good, I like the matrix effect in the intro, but the game is very unstable, crashes quite a lot for me, and I'm not the only one, I have some friends who have the same issue.

dope April 07 - 12:56 PM

on my g4 867 dual with radeon 9800 it runs ok in 1024x768

Graphics Card or CPU?
Joe April 07 - 12:54 PM

Does anyone know if this game is more heavy on the graphics card or the CPU? I ask because i have a quicksilver 867 w/ Radeon 9800 (i know it's overkill, i plan on upgrading the CPU soon) and was wondering if i still have the horsepower to play this game?

skully25 April 07 - 12:13 PM

guess my dual G4 876 wont cut it anymore :s

garymm April 07 - 11:42 AM

My top of the line PowerBook can no longer play modern games at all :-(. I remember when an 800MHz G4 seemed like so much. I was planning on waiting another year to get a G5, but maybe I'll have to upgrade as soon as the new models are announced. UT2004 is so cool, and I can't play it :-(

way to go Aspyr!
Narles April 07 - 10:44 AM

Aspyr is really setting the standard for Mac game publishers everywhere. This was a great move by them because now potential customers will be able to see for themselves whether or not this hardware-intensive game will run on their machine. Keep up the good work Aspyr!

FuMacFu April 07 - 10:26 AM

Aspyr comes through again. THIS is the way to run a Mac gaming business!

bobby bonjaka April 07 - 9:55 AM

i feel we should be allowed to play these's games with no charge towards us. just to have an example of the theory of the games.

Ray Kerce April 07 - 9:42 AM

Downloading now....

Harm April 07 - 9:29 AM

Thanks Aspyr

Will April 07 - 8:48 AM

Wow, I can't wait until I get home! :D

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