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AvP Game Save Cheat Available
Wednesday, April 7, 2004 8:42 AM | Eddie Park
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Andreas Weik April 08 - 7:16 AM

AvP2 plays ok on my G5 1.6 with Radeon 9600, but I agree it could play better. Even Halo runs better. Definitely a bad port. But so far all games with LithTech engine have played bad on my systems.

LithTech = bad on Macs

The original AvP on the other hand ran great even on my iBook. Nice game. Playing an Alien in AvP is much more fun as in AvP2. But the Predator in AvP2 is so much cooler as in AvP. I guess there's more Predator fans out there...

BTW, I'd like to see Primal Hunt as well.

>>> April 07 - 8:20 PM

Just like Omni slid out of the gaming scene with incomplete Lithtech ports. Wonder who is the bigest snake.

While they're at it
\\\ April 07 - 7:32 PM

Probably about the same time they honor their commitment to ship the Primal Hunt expansion for AVP2. MacPlay slithered out of that promise like a slippery snake in the grass.

/// April 07 - 3:06 PM

So when are they going to make AvsP2 playable? I mean an encounter with just one Alien makes the FPS drop down to like 5. This is using a dual 1.25 G4 with a geforce ti.

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