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Dark Horizons: Lore Beta Ends, Demo Available
Tuesday, April 6, 2004 9:20 AM | Chris Stein
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I got it give me more
Recognizer April 07 - 1:57 PM

This game has potential, if they fix the openal stuff and add more maps, this could be a great game. Was in a game last night with about a dozen people and it was a frenzy.

I will buy it when it comes out.

mech Stomper
Adrian-MGT April 07 - 6:11 AM

Like I said in my post earlier the Mac demo was not suppose to be released.

mech stomper April 07 - 3:58 AM

After all the beta testing and the demo is still buggy. What the heck?
Is this the quality of work that the company puts out?

Havic April 07 - 3:03 AM

The OpenAL installer does not work on my system. eMac 700 Mhz, 640 MB RAM, OS 10.2.8, UT2003 OpenAL installed, and the package installer reports I cannot install because of "(null)"

I would like to play this game. Fix Fix Fix! :P

Cat out of the bag
Adrian-MGT April 06 - 10:43 AM

Just a FYI, the demo got out of the bag a bit early. There is a issue with the MAC demo install, that can be fixed by running the OpenAL package included.

This will be fixed later today, and available with the annoucement from GarageGames.

Go out and get it.
Sheep April 06 - 10:39 AM

DHL is a great mecha hybrid, i've been playing since the open beta and i have had a lot of fun with this game. I hope to see some new faces for the faction wars in three weeks. I suggest you go pick up the demo now, and try it out. Its lots of fun.

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