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Savage Dev Leaves; Mac Version In Limbo?
Monday, April 5, 2004 8:05 AM | Andy Largent
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Savage Mac Released
Howard Shere March 27 - 9:31 AM

Savage for the Mac has now been released.


G-News April 06 - 2:56 AM

I saw this coming. Biggest boasts usually bear the least fruit...

S2 at GDC
Nonsiaga April 05 - 4:35 PM

S2's Savagejust won best indie game at the Game Developers Conference. Funny now with it's success that it is slowly being phased out of development.

Vapor? :)
FCC April 05 - 2:07 PM

The original publisher for the PC closed its doors weeks ago. I wouldn't keep my hopes high on this one.

No big deal April 05 - 12:18 PM

I played the PC demo when the game first came out. I wasn't that impressed. Loads and loads of campers and no single player.

don't hold your breath...
- April 05 - 10:58 AM

i smell vapor....

wantsss-my-precioussss April 05 - 10:19 AM

Basically : PC and Linux version released September, 2003. Instead of finishing and releasing Mac version, S2 concentrated on the version 2 patch. Game still needs patching. One of the programmers left. One of the PC fans is making a mod to fix the main problems. Two (or three?) more S2 people left to make their own company. One of them, Sam McGrath was a co-founder of S2! S2 announces they are working on a new game. A lot of fans are now ticked off. The appearance is that Savage is being regulated to a minor issue while S2 works on its next game.

Things are just plain weird over there.

NAG April 05 - 10:06 AM

Makes you kind of wonder what is going on over there.

1 day port? Pfft...
Mayhem April 05 - 9:34 AM

Pretty embarrassing to boast about such a thing in public and then never deliver anyway.

Panic April 05 - 9:15 AM

Wasn't this the game they said they ported in 1 morning?

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Archives  News  Savage Dev Leaves; Mac Version In Limbo?  Comments