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New Close Combat Games Announced
Friday, April 2, 2004 6:14 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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You are right ofcourse... But...
Webcrossing November 21 - 6:05 PM

freaking BS, I enjoyed the IP

For some reason,
New York Stock Exchange July 31 - 6:41 PM

And now the description is wrong.

You are right ofcourse... But...
james walter July 04 - 3:31 AM

Finally figured this out - my

dojoboy April 05 - 5:38 AM

Yea, I realize they intend to build their own games, at least those announced here. But, I was speaking of Conquests, which I don't believe they're ever going to port (Atari/Firaxis). MacSoft holds the rights to port the Civ series. Its this Civ3 expansion pack (Conquests) I'd like to see them sell the rights to. I mean, since they never intend to port it, let it go to someone who will and make some money on it upfront.

mark April 05 - 4:11 AM

dojoboy the owner of destineer studios who is making this Game Engine also owns MacSoftGames .
this is not a port this is a cross-platform engine.

so the ceo of destineer is of course going to publish it themselves ;)

Close Combat...same name only?
The Cow April 05 - 12:18 AM

Hey RefinedSugar, thx for the info.

Maybe the only thing similar about this game and the one most of us here love is the name? This is basically like "America's Army" except a USMC version, right?

I loved sending my recon guys against a Tiget Tank to hear them say, "You're crazy!"

Where is...
dojoboy April 04 - 5:13 PM

....Conquests? MacSoft, please sell the rights for Conquests to another publisher if you never intend to port it. Red Phoenix (RTS) has me slightly interested, but I don't know if cherries grow well in East Asia.

Come On.
FPS? April 02 - 10:13 PM

You CANNOT be serious.

Riko April 02 - 9:21 PM

its yet again yet another realistic war game(s).
We're starting to drown in them.
Where's the joy the fantasy? The indiana bond wolfenstein fun? War so sux.

Hey Cow.
RefinedSugar April 02 - 6:13 PM

The one after a Bridge Too Far was the Russian Front. FYI.

mark April 02 - 6:04 AM

and this is not a microsoft game.

and about the 1000 copies claim
Mark April 02 - 6:02 AM

and about the 1000 copies claim.
Like Halo from Microsoft, that game is on of the best sold games on that mac but OK....

Bring us the one after Bridge Too Far
The Cow April 01 - 6:43 PM

I loved the Bridge Too Far game..I want to play the one after that. Barbarossa or something.

RefinedSugar April 01 - 5:26 PM

Love the original CC games... can't wait to see how this turns out.

klm April 01 - 3:18 PM

I loved the original CC startegy games and was looking forward to this when I heard the name ...

great, another FPS view.

4 more
Livinus April 01 - 2:55 PM

From their website

"Destineer will announce four more titles during 2004"

Now that is looking great! Go Destineer, they might become our new Bungie.

Great News
Steephill April 01 - 1:47 PM

A 3D engine developed for Mac from the start, sound so sweet!!

Bravo Destineer and Tamte!

DavidM April 01 - 12:35 PM

and here I thought Atomic was a dead company.

why do this on april first ??
mark April 01 - 12:31 PM

why do this on april first ??

LordViking April 01 - 11:54 AM

Didn't Close Combat used to be top down strategy? Why are they now making a FPS? GAH!
Even though they are making Red Phoenix an RTS, it wont be the same as having an entire army at your command throughout the European theater (a la Bridge too Far)

Destineer! Not Microsoft
Charbs April 01 - 10:49 AM


you won't have to worry about tainting your system! All the code is from Destineerstudios :-)

WSTE_M April 01 - 10:25 AM

Id rather be drowned in hot acid then play microsoft games on my mac.
Theese games will sell 1000 copies. (combined)

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