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Aspyr Rolls-out Massive Nascar 2003 Updates
Tuesday, January 27, 2004 8:07 AM | Andy Largent
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don May 14 - 12:58 PM

im in process of getting wheel/pedals, but how do i accellerate/brake/turn with keyboard? i dont have a manual

Thanks Aspyr & Duane J
Hoke #67 January 27 - 5:13 PM

Many thanks to Aspyr for doing the right thing for this game. I was a bit disapointed with 1.0, but this version is really good. Duane went the extra mile for us.
Keyboard will be tough with this game - it is really more of a sim than a game ( would you use a serious flight sim w/the keyboard or assume that you need a stick? ) If your difficulty was in traffic, then you will find that aerodynamic fixes help tremendously; if you had trouble while alone on the track you will still feel the car pulling. Wheel is best, but almost any controller with an axis helps.
Join us in the online league - all skill levels welcome! Good fun, tips, and company. Visit the forums for latest info.


UmarOMC January 27 - 10:37 AM

Wasn't this function added as a native part of the CPU die only on the G5/PPC970? I'm sure it's been part of the POWER family for awhile, but it's almost ludacris that it wasn't in the G4 design. Oh well... coulda, shoulda, woulda...

Nascar 2003
El Darkus January 27 - 9:31 AM

Does it fix the lousy... more like, practially unplayable keyboard controls?

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