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World of Warcraft First Impressions
Tuesday, December 16, 2003 6:00 AM | Johan HansÚn
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World of WarCraft for Mac
chats December 29 - 6:01 AM

I've read numerous different options about the new WarCraft game, I myself will just have to see because it has so far been one of the most stategic Comp. games ever. My question is will it be out for Mac as well as PC on the day of arrival?

Morrigan December 17 - 8:50 AM

Just another RPG? You must not be reading any of these articles about WoW, it is not "just another RPG"

Warcraft is Lost
Last121 December 16 - 2:29 PM

Warcraft has lost the element of RTS play that made it popular in the first place. I for one am sad to see WarCraft become just-another-RPG, and I hope that somebody comes out with a game that is truly based on the original instead of just an imitation of every other RPG.

more info
Junkman23 December 16 - 9:37 AM

there is a ton of new info regarding the races that some one recieved at GenCon at the WoW offical message board.

There a developer stated that the gnomes will ride rams like the dwarfs, and the undead will not ride nightmares but undead type horses, nightmares will be like a summon for warlocks.

races not aces
hambone December 16 - 7:52 AM

from the summary i read, races are actually purposely not being given hugely different core attributes. character difference is rather supposed to come from the allotment of skill and talent points. blizzard wanted to avoid the kind off thing where certain races are seen as permanently gimped or less fun to play than others.

i put an extensive summary of new WoW details int eh general forum if anyone wants to read that as well.

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