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Aspyr Announces X2, IMG Preview Posted
Friday, August 1, 2003 11:30 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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Nick M August 02 - 10:04 PM

What irks people is the fact that stuff like X2 gets churned out, when what they really want is the likes of Vice City, and get it on the shelves in the same century.

Perhaps Mac publishers don't have the cash to bring terrific titles like this to our favourite platform (although Aspyr can afford Big name turkeys like the TR series).

As for X2, I'd say it's biggest problem was the derivative gameplay. It just ain't a good game.

And as for choice, there's plenty of quality games out there that we don't get. When we start seeing these, then perhaps we can start concentrating on the fast buck dross.

Endymion August 02 - 5:24 PM

I read a lot of comments regarding the PC version of this game and every one of them hated the bad controls of the game. It's not a necessity that the Macintosh version has to suffer the same fate.

However, this is a port that I'll not be picking up, at least not immediately. I'll field a few opinions on our specific version before passing judgement, but that's not the only reason that I'm waiting this one out--I'm not an X-Men fan in general. I do know that Mark Hammill did voiceovers for Wolverine's character and as a rule his voice acting is superb.

But once again--This is a choice that we have. If it comes down to having a choice to buy this game, or not, I'd rather have a choice to buy the game. I don't think that having this game available means that we deprived of another game that might be even more highly anticipated... (Deus Ex 2, Half Life 2, etc. etc.) There's no evidence to support such claims when they invariably pop-up in discussions over ports such as these, and Aspyr has been growing as company precisely because they have learned to manage their resources well.

If X2 isn't your cup of tea there's no reason to believe their next announcement will not be more to your liking.

Fair enough
Blah August 02 - 8:50 AM

No "2"s involved Jason, honest. It was a ranty comment regarding mediocrity. I'll just blame it on the Pentium 4 I used to submit it with ;)

Firestarter August 02 - 4:37 AM

"The reviews for this game on the PC were terrible, why bring a lackluster title to X? More money than sense?"

Does Aspyr have TOO much money?

Jason Sims (IMG) August 01 - 11:07 PM

I deleted a comment wherein someone had simply typed the number "2" into all three fields, if that's what you mean.

Blah August 01 - 9:52 PM

My sentiments regarding this were deleted only a few hours ago ;)

They probably got this one as it's got a name attached to it.

Because it bombed on the other formats, they probably got the publishing rights in exchange for a Quarter Pounder w/cheese and a Medium Coke.


bunni August 01 - 8:00 PM

The reviews for this game on the PC were terrible, why bring a lackluster title to X? More money than sense?

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