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Myth TFL, Wolf Age Updates for OS X
Friday, August 1, 2003 9:20 AM | Andy Largent
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Updates, and a bit of clarification
pma bloo August 04 - 7:17 AM

The 1.4 update to TFL was the result of 2 weeks of work on the game server and client to "get it running". The entire TFL networking layer was replaced, and requires some minor server modifications to run on mariusnet, changes that in prior experiences have been met with some resistance. Please note that nowhere at any time did we say that we would not support mariusnet with any update (evidence Myth II 1.3.2 and the later mythdev/projectmagma 1.4 release). This release is a rough draft, and for people to ascribe so much to so little is kinda silly.

not everyone ...
7ru7h August 02 - 2:22 PM

Not everyone plays on mariusnet. Go to the website and look. The max number i've ever seen on is like 25, and the stats tracking thing has less than 200. On playmyth though, they get like 600 a day, and before the reset yesterday, i was ranked an embarassing 2985 from the top, and that was out of 9000 and some odd players since the last reset on July 4th. 9000 is a lot more that 200 :( Mariusnet drove eveyone off with cruelty and opresion

Ooh check out...
Oh man... August 01 - 10:04 PM

...the guy who doesn't accept valid criticism!

This attempted monopoly will only alienate the community, some people are so stupid. And greedy.

Stop making assumptions...
Ass-u-me August 01 - 3:57 PM

Appears as though there is a compromise possible that will serve the needs of what both sides want.

The update runs fine aside from a PC host via TCPIP bug which is being fixed supposedly. I'd expect some kind of revised server support to show up at the same time.

Or, you can continue trying to persuade people to not update just because your marius buddies got left out from the rest of the Myth community again.

Multiplayer Limitations
Michael Sheets August 01 - 1:22 PM

While making this update MythDev decided it would be best to limit gameplay to PlayMyth (which they run). They removed the ability to run on any other server. So you may want to think twice about updating because for the past two years everyone has been playing TFL on MariusNet, not PlayMyth.

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