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Snood 3.0 Mac Announcement
Wednesday, July 30, 2003 2:13 PM | Galen Wiley
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Old Snood serial numbers are still good
the Battle Cat July 30 - 9:01 PM

My very old OS9 Snood v2.1 serial number was accepted by the OSX version 3 game! That's downright snooderific!

Killa July 30 - 5:14 PM

Yes, this must be old news, have had 3.0 for months!

hambone July 30 - 4:31 PM

its remains ugly, and fun, as hell.

Whosawhatsis July 30 - 3:08 PM

um, this is old news, I have had snood 3.0 for over a month, in fact I think I heard about it (the OS X version, I mean) in this article:

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Archives  News  Snood 3.0 Mac Announcement  Comments