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Ragnorok Clone for OS X?
Wednesday, July 30, 2003 2:14 PM | Galen Wiley
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help me
suksis September 01 - 9:44 PM

actually,i have a Yare, server emulator,how to make own server and how should be i do?

Nick August 04 - 10:18 AM

YARE is dead.... I can't believe this... I really want a ragnarok client for mac.... ugh

Cristian July 04 - 10:44 AM

i W A N T this game for mac !

same question as "Wait..."
morie_ko September 12 - 7:23 PM

I would like to get an answer on that as well.


RE: wait..
ig98 July 30 - 5:50 PM

Thanks a ton for clearing that up.

Re: Wait..
NeoWolf July 30 - 3:03 PM

Originally yare is a clone of the server. However they're splitting the project into two halves now that they've finished that. (So yes there are free RO servers, much like how you can find little free Ultima Online shards.) One is the server emulator with is basically done, the other is a clone of the client. It's being written so it'll be crossplatform (yay) and could end up pretty neat. The idea eventually is that they'll have their own server and client so not only would it be an RO clone but also a toolkit to make your own MMORPG in general. (And not using RO's datafiles as it does now.)

ig98 July 30 - 2:22 PM

Wait, so what is this? Is it just an RO client or is it an RO server--> client clone?

IE, RO is pay-to-play now- will this connect to official RO servers (and hence, will we have to p2p?) or is it basically it's own server/client connection with it's own game- for free? I'm sorry, I couldn't find this info on the YARE site.

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