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OpenGL 1.5 Announced
Wednesday, July 30, 2003 6:51 AM | Zack Lipowski
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Gregory Lightyear July 31 - 4:44 AM

Shaders moving into the ARB or core only make those features more likely to be implemented and used.

Why we haven't got them in 10.2 is pretty much unrelated to that; we've got vertex programs now, and the rest will come, no doubt, in 10.3; what's preventing uptake generally is that you'd need at *least* a Radeon 8500 or better to use the stuff.

Software-emulated programs are possible; perhaps even probable - but not generally desirable. Until cards with support for hardware programs are available at the low-end, you just won't see games manufacturers pushing themselves into a 'hardware shader supporting card only' style of pipeline. And as for supporting games with both shader and non shader art? Again, possible - but adds a lot of unnecessary expense to the game development process at a time when most are struggling to meet their budgets and still hit feature completion.

Pushing these into the ARB will make them more available; but they're already pretty much available to the majority of the market who'd want to use them. The only thing that can really get these features into hardware are developers deciding there are enough users to make it worth designing their engine, their game, and their art around it.

SGI still relevant
Sol July 30 - 6:04 PM

It is good to see that Silicon Graphics are still relevant to the 3D market. Their hardware is very impressive but unfortunately they chose Windows NT for their low-end workstations. Perhaps Apple should consider making them the only third party to use OS X.

This is nice
garymm July 30 - 12:40 PM

Hopefully this will mean more shaders in our games? I really just wish DirectX would die, because then ports to Linux and OS X would be super-fast. But of course, MS can't be part of anything that has "Open" in the title.

Purple Tentacle July 30 - 8:21 AM

Good news. Can't wait for 2.0 to be released "someday".

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