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Wrestler Maxx Payne Sues Max Payne
Tuesday, July 29, 2003 8:35 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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Mimi July 08 - 6:45 PM

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oh yea the proof
plastic strip eater August 26 - 8:05 AM

chef boyardee sucks
plastic strip eater August 26 - 8:04 AM

well at least he didnt almost consume some peice of plastic like i did im not sueing cause thats petty but I will ebay my plastic prize :>

whaaaaahahahat a dumbass
chef boyardee August 07 - 9:04 PM

hah he should be proud.. having his name posted up on one of the most best selling games on the market... greedy fartknocker

Yeah right...
@Reality Check July 30 - 2:31 PM

And you're such a loving patriot...Really, why do I always feel an urge to slap someone, when this someone tries to combine comunism with something that absolutely has NOTHING to do with the thing?

Of course this wrestler has a right to sue, has some good chances of winning, but this still smells like a lame attempt to make some a quick buck...

El communist July 30 - 12:10 AM

What does Communism have to do with stealing mp3s ? Like it's not being done in the States or anywhere else ?

Tristan July 29 - 11:23 PM

As greedy as this lawsuit might be, it was perhaps also a rather silly decision by the companies to release a game with a character name that is such an obvious name for a wrestler and not do a thorough check for anyone that might have held that name at some point. Greedy it may be, but this lawsuit could have easily been avoided altogether with a bit of forethought and some sort of placating mechanism such as a voiceover cameo or somesuch.

Mr.Sparkle July 29 - 9:51 PM

Why is it that every picture i see of max payne he looks like hes been constipated for a year?

Purple Tentacle July 29 - 6:30 PM

He may have every lawful right but you seem to be in the minority here. Sueing for stupid, lame-ass reasons is what slowly ruins the United States. So many of the people who sue either sue for cash because they're greedy pigs or because they're wimps and can't take things like people used to.

We know he has a lawful right to sue. Does he have a real reason? No, not really. He's just a dick.

Get a clue.
Reality check July 29 - 5:53 PM

He has everyright to sue. You all have no idea if he has been trying to settle this out of court and how long he has been in talks with those companies. GROW UP. Or move to a communist country where you can steal mp3s and pirate software or infringe on trademarks to your hearts content.

Why don't you give him a call
Max Anonymous July 29 - 5:23 PM

Darryl Peterson
1411 Lakeview Dr Heber City, UT 84032-1021

Bigfat July 29 - 4:13 PM

When he retired, his name retired, he has nothing going for him. I hope he gets counter sued by all 4 of the companies that helped to create such a cool game.

haha July 29 - 3:09 PM

look at the necklace payne is wearing in the pic. Looks like the Gameranger logo.

hey, Gameranger should sue!!!!

erazorhead July 29 - 2:52 PM

i for one think that it's clearly a case of identitiy theft. "maxx payne" has every right to prusue this non-frivolous lawsuit. especially since it was just revealed that the main character was originally named Jake "the Snake" Roberts.

gg boneheads
Flex July 29 - 2:45 PM

Nice timing on the lawsuit...

Comes across as being completely greedy, self centered and pointless lawsuit.

This is yet another pathetic point of evidence of the stupidity that has infected too many people in america...

I hope he skins 3drealms
Mood: Perplexed July 29 - 1:33 PM

Think of it as payback for stealing Bruce Campbell's catchphrases and trademarking them.

Oh the Payne!
Shaitan July 29 - 1:29 PM

Yeah, like he was born with than name. Perhaps Maxx Moronicus would be more appropriate. Besides, the game's been out for years, so he's a bit slow on the legal uptake.

m-stang-thang July 29 - 12:51 PM

"adverb" not "verb"

/irony sucks

m-stang-thang July 29 - 12:50 PM

So, Tuncer is "ellegedly" a feminine, French version of the verb "allegedly"?

Toc July 29 - 12:31 PM





Bloom July 29 - 10:32 AM

Jelloman, we all know NWN has gone gold. Plus it went gold on the 25th. This is more "fresh".

What a shame...
jelloman July 29 - 10:16 AM

Shame on IMG for highlighting this story instead of the much-and-long-awaited news that Neverwinter Nights has gone gold. A frivolous lawsuit is more important?? .... really?

Mario July 29 - 9:51 AM

Maybe I should sue... LOL.

mangoman July 29 - 9:21 AM

what a sorry sack o' crap this guy is. sitting in his trailer, watching his savings account dry up. his neighbor comes over, catches him crying in his old milwaukee, and plants a seed in his concussioned head. "Hey man! I wuz jest playin' a game with mah boy called Max Payne! If that ain't you, ya oughta sue, dude!"

the few rusty wheels that are left in his brain begin to turn....

Stupid name anyway...
Dogma July 29 - 9:16 AM

The name "Max Payne" always put me off the game anyway - It is such a trite sounding name, be as well with "Jack Dallas", "Mike West" or other such Porn Star like names.

Why would you really want to admit in front of lots normal people and admit to being called that? And why have we never heard of him?

Oh boy, has he suffered...
Arg July 29 - 9:00 AM

$10 million for losing his identity... Ha ha, I didn't know those big wrestlers were such crybabies. :D

US seems to be a promised land for all kinds of wacky lawsuits and even wackier compensations to ask.

what a jerk
an elephant July 29 - 8:58 AM

this just shows how desperate americans are to make a name for themselves and make money sitting on thier asses. I hope he gets murdered on the street in a manner max payne would be proud of

Purple Tentacle July 29 - 8:57 AM

lol That's sad. He's just a greedy dirt bag.

A Little Late?
DeusOmnis July 29 - 8:56 AM

I'm sure this will be thrown out of court, if merely based on the fact he had to wait so freaking long to file this suit. How long has this game been out again??

Clearly a case of someone with an empty wallet
riko July 29 - 8:44 AM

Soooo the *game* was about wrestling?
Geez how misinformt I was.

Next the duke case: mobster nicknamed "da duke" sues 3drealms..... blah!

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