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Linden Lab Announces Second Life for Mac OS X
Friday, July 25, 2003 1:30 PM | Galen Wiley
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Yes, they really are THAT bonkers!
Nick M July 27 - 2:00 PM

The PC version requires a mere 800Mhz CPU to run (non-specific) . This could be an Intel Pentium III 800, a AMD Duron 800, or even, a skanky old Celeron 800. Those budget chips and no speed demons, yet they make the cut.

The Mac version, not only requires a G4 chip for starters (bye-bye iBook), but also for said chip be clocked @ 200Mhz over any 800 Intel/AMD chip (So long base config iMac, eMac, and P/Book 12").

So, are we now suggesting that a Celeron 800 is now the performance equal of a Motorola 1GHz G4? Resorting to blaming the chip in these circumstances is a cop-out.

Second Life, is pitched as a mass market product, a commodity for the hotmail generation if you will. If these specs are not lowered, then Second Life for Mac will be out of the reach of that Consumer level market.

BTW, what makes you think I don't have a fast enough Mac to run this? We don't all have our opinions based on what our present systems can do.


@Nick M
Andreas Weik July 27 - 12:04 PM

Well, if the port is as shoddy as NoLF, then you will certainly need one. And the requirements aren't really THAT bonkers.

Remember, that 1GHz PCs are the lowest end available today. They can probably be had for 300$, so the requirements are actually pretty low.

The Macworld has been far behind. Thankfully Apple has started to catchup.

Get rid of your old Mac and get yourself a 1 or 1.25 GHz MDD tower. They're getting pretty cheap nowadays... ;-)

Greetings, Andreas.

Nick M July 25 - 2:21 PM

Somebody tell these people that a 1 gig G4 is not by_any_stretch_of_the_imagination the Mac equivalent of a Celeron 800.

How may Mac users do they expect to get with bonkers requirements like that? Brand new Macs are being sold right now that will not be able to run this properly, this is platform ignorance in the extreme.

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Archives  News  Linden Lab Announces Second Life for Mac OS X  Comments