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Aspyr: Sim City 4 Reqs, Spearhead Beta, More
Monday, March 3, 2003 9:04 AM | Scott Turner
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SimCity 4 Demo
Thomas July 27 - 1:08 PM

Can someone tell me where i can find a demo of SimCity 4 .. i really want to try it

albo October 24 - 1:37 AM

where can i find to download the SimCity 4 Demo i want to try it out please tell me???

Graphics Card issue
Bob Sherman September 29 - 4:44 AM

come on ppl, a 32 meg graphics card is not asking much i mean i am currently using a 32 meg card in my p4 1.6ghz but i have just orderd a new notebook at 3.06ghz with 1 g RAM ddr 333mhz and 64 meg geforce 4 graphics card !!!!!!!

bilal June 03 - 3:48 PM

i got this on pc it hasent got that good graphics if i get it on mac it will be the best graphics spoon...... apple bring sim city 4 out

sim city
sulaimaan June 03 - 3:45 PM

I really need this game i seen previews and it looks great i have got sims i really want simcity4

it is needed
OSUBowen May 04 - 12:36 PM

I have Sim City 4 for the PC, and am awainting for my Apple version because I like using my Mac more. I run Sim City on a brand new Dell 2.4GHz P4, 512MB Ram, and 64MB Nvidia G4, and I can tell you that once you a have city built up, expect choppiness and horrible processing. I understand why they made those requirements so high, trust me, you will need all that power to run the game.

Azhar May 01 - 9:10 AM

I am in India,and computer hardware is not as cheap as in abroad!We can't afford all of this hardware!

I want this game!
demohnunterkid April 14 - 9:54 PM

I want this game!! My brother needs it for cheap... Little cheap ass...

Sim City 4 requirements.
John March 06 - 6:04 AM

The system requirements are outrageous. Especially the 32 mb VRAM requirement. Its one thing to require the latest Operating System; but a much bigger deal to mandate the latest hardware. My hope is they won't sell a single copy in protest. I purchased my Powerbook G4 550Mhz model, with support for OpenGL but only 16 MB VRAM, to support just these kinds of games. (The OpenGL support that is.) I am disheartened and hope the Aspyr gets the point. I will be ashamed of them from this ponit forward if nothing changes.

You've got to be kidding!
Blublub March 04 - 6:30 PM

32 MB graphics card, minimum?! That's just plain crazy - doesn't that limit the potential market to only those with the absolute latest Macs? Like Graham, it's the PB market that is really going to be hurt, as there is no way to upgrade all those old 8 MB graphics chips. In any event, I've played SC4 on the PC and it is quite a letdown. But even then I've ran it successfully on a PIII 733 w/8MB ATI Mobility - why so much more needed on a Mac?

"Who was Apple to turn to?"
harryhoode March 03 - 8:49 PM

AMD, Intel, IBM?

IMG Lucian March 03 - 5:31 PM

"apple willingness to keep using it"?

What's that supposed to mean? Who was Apple to turn to?

Nookster is almost right
george of the jungle March 03 - 3:19 PM

I think a dual 1.25 with a ati 9700 will run nascar full, The whole Mac community has known that Motorolas inability to advance the g4 and apple willingness to keep using it has hurt the Mac and Mac Gaming. I run nascar but only 10 cars and things on med & low on a 733 powermac. Mac software rules! Mac hardware well thats another story.

Sys Reqs, and a the state of the market
Nookster March 03 - 12:06 PM

It's the game developers that need to evolve. the PC games market is shrinking by the day as more people turn to cheap consoles to play their FPS shooters, meanwhile the Mac that can run NASCAR at full burn is yet to be built.

Scalabilty,scalability, scalability...

Nestlie March 03 - 11:25 AM

Well, if you're interested in playing the latest games, you better get used to the fact that unless you upgrade, you will one day find yourself SOL. These days, anyone with less than 32M of Vram is going to have a hell of a time finding new, high profile games that will be playable on their setup. There's no way around it, you either evolve or you become extinct. Technology waits for no one.

SimCity 4 sys requirements
GrahamC March 03 - 10:20 AM

Way too high! The killer for me is the VRAM - 32M minimum??? that eliminates most of the basic systems even though they are otherwise fast enough (iBook, etc). Isn't there a way around this, seems such a shame since the last version of Sim City required vastly less than this all round, but I'm not ditching my otherwise perfectly useful computer just to play this game.

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