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Mac Wolf 1.4 Patch in Testing
Wednesday, September 4, 2002 6:00 AM | Andy Largent
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Sonya July 08 - 4:07 PM

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1.4 patch for mac
haywood-jablome December 06 - 9:59 PM

whens this dang patch coming out i run a clan i am a leader i am stuck on 1.33 so if u mac ppl could tell me when the patch for mac is coming out let me know so i can hope for that day to come. ok thx JABLOME HAS SPOKEN!!!!

All my isp's "free" servers are now 1.4
Lowry November 21 - 2:33 AM

Please hurry. Test version would be fine until final.

Please Hurry :(
Fistagon November 18 - 6:40 PM

I'm in a TWL league and they want to play all matches on 1.4 now, and I'm left with no other option than to wait. I have yet to read about a hack for 1.33 to 1.4.

I know it's hard enough to find games on macs as it is, but when we finally get some good ones, we are always behind the pc updates.

Need this patch ASAP!
Wolfplayer November 07 - 12:03 AM

I have a RTCW clan - I need this update!!!
Please put a super rush on this thanks!

really need this..
C September 09 - 12:54 AM

Ok -- I having definite problems with Wolfenstein that I'm hoping this patch will fix. I actually both installed Jaguar and added a Radeon 8500. Now I get a "AGLChoosePixel format failed" message. Don't know if it's Jaguar or the card or both!

Duane September 05 - 12:11 PM

Please advise Aspyr as to the nature of your "doesn't work as advertised" problem. Thats the only way things will get fixed.

Whoot! All Hail The Man!
eva05 September 04 - 12:58 PM


Wolf is the only MP game I play anymore.

I can't wait for a new patch (since I skipped 1.33--the hack works just fine it seems)


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Archives  News  Mac Wolf 1.4 Patch in Testing  Comments