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New Lineage II Screens
Tuesday, August 27, 2002 6:00 AM | Tristan Kane
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Re: Nonsense
Andy Largent August 27 - 10:09 PM

Because NCSoft has brought the original Lineage to the Mac, and explained in our talks with them that they would use it as a measure of whether to bring future titles like Lineage 2 to the platform as well. Also, in all likelyhood the Unreal Warfare engine will be ported to the Mac at some point, making the base engine compatible as well. Hope is not necessarily a bad thing.


Sauce August 27 - 9:11 PM

Can somebody explain why IMG is covering a game that's totally unconfirmed for the Mac? Not every Quake/Unreal game comes to our platform... There's no point in getting people's hopes up. C'mon.

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