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PC Reactions to PCI V5 5500
Monday, August 7, 2000 3:46 PM | Michael Eilers
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Web site for Celeron 433 (aka "A reasonable processor") benchmarks
Ruffin Bailey August 08 - 1:48 PM

Check out Anandtech's Voodoo 5 PCI review. Uses a Celeron 433 as one of its test machines.

Best point made in the article: This card will really shine even on [relatively] slow systems. Essentially, since the framerate would be processor limited on slower systems, the card has plenty of time to do whatever fancy-smancy FSAA and 32 bit graphics jive it wants. Or something like that. ;^D

Here's a quote:

If you are concerned with playing games in 32-bit color, the choice is clear: the Voodoo5 5500. If 32-bit color is not as important, it seems that the Voodoo3 3000 is the best card for the money when at lower resolutions in Quake III Arena.

real world means...
Michael Eilers August 07 - 7:27 PM

Despite the apparent "cheapness" of 700+ MHz systems, they aren't very common on the PC side compared to slower systems. The benchmarks on the PC sites reflect the machines used by high-end gamers, not by the average PC-owning public. There are a LOT of gamers on the PC side still using Pentium II/TNT combos, and games are still designed with this setup in mind.

IMG's own research on our readers reveals that about 30% have G3 and G4 systems in excess of 350 MHz; the majority have G3 systems. If the hype over Motorola's PPC chip is to be believed, these systems are quite competitive with Pentium II's of twice the MHz and Pentium III systems of equivalent MHz.

"real-world system"
crayz August 07 - 5:23 PM

Considering the price at which 700-800MHz Athlon systems can be bought/built, I would consider those to be "real-world systems". In fact, if a high-end PC isn't considered a real world system by IMG, then how come a high-end Mac is?

If this is their principal, they should be testing on 300MHz G3s.

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