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Quake 3 Fortress Test Fix Released
Wednesday, April 10, 2002 12:33 PM | Tuncer Deniz
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Barry July 08 - 10:04 AM

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Goku Ultimate April 15 - 4:00 PM

When I play Bid for Power the game is kinda slow and Im trying t play at a good rate what can i do or is there anything to download to help me

os 9 testrun
[OAP]ikea==boy April 11 - 5:53 AM

I don't have the 'Fortress' mod but can say following:

Tried the 9 build. After remembering to raise the memory allocation in Finder Info window to give room for my com_*megs settings it started fine.
+ No fps change in timedemo.
+ A quick game of Urban Terror gave no connection interrupts which is prominent in 1.31b4 and in a run through on a empty ffa Q3A server it felt like physics are back up to 1.30 level.
+ Creator and File type are set so GameRanger recognised it in preferences panel and the GR join works again.

Work calls so I will try it out more tonight but first impression is good. Just note you still need to get the 1.31b4 build for the pak7.pk3 file



ben boffey April 10 - 9:18 PM

Ah BFP, glad there's been some mention of that :) Just a shame that licensing issues stopped the DGZ name & characters from being used :(
Yep, increasing the hunkmegs allocation to over 120Mb should stop any memory errors(something along the lines of Hunc_Alloc failed), other errors you may experience may be fixed (again in the .cfg files) by changing the values of vm_cgame, vm_game and vm_ui. More info on the errors you are experiencing would be mucho helpful ;)
As a side note, whereas in OS 9 .cfg files were stored in the folders for a give mod (or the baseq3 folders) as Yujenisis so rightly says, in OS X they are in the ~/Library/Application Support/Quake3/ folder.

I got it working with the unpatched version.
Yujenisis April 10 - 4:45 PM

Unfortunately, this problem also existed with another mod called Bid for Power. For those of you with a little experience with text-edit I can show you how to make Q3F/Bid For Power working.

Go into User:Library:Application Support:Quake 3

Use TextEdit to set the hunkmegs command in both the baseq3 and q3f2 folders to have 128.

Reload Q3 and BOTH BidForPower should work now. **Bows**

Start but I cannot play...
Punisher-G4 April 10 - 3:55 PM

I have the same problem like anybody else here. You can start the mod but give you errors if you want to play a game. BTW IF ID Software read this comment please can you speed up the mouse movement with Team Arena on OS X and give us an option to automatically start the game in Team Arena without go in Q3 Arena before!?

I use a Power Mac G4 Dual 500 MHz, with a Radeon AFP OEM, 512 MB RAM.

Doesn't work for me either :-(
Gruntfuttocks April 10 - 1:56 PM

Same as Theocracity's experience - I get an allocation (IIRC) error just before a game starts. It's really annoying, now I've seen the eye-candy interface I'm really curious to see the game itself...

(OS X v10.1.3, Quicksilver Powermac, GeForce 3, 896 meg mem)

Hasn't worked
Theocracity April 10 - 1:35 PM

Well, Q3F2 started up well with this patch (which it didn't before), and seems to do everything well...except for actually play. It gives an error when you try to load a game map, dropping you back to the main screen. If anyone else does something different, I'd love to hear it. I'm all worked up from seeing what I saw.

ben boffey April 10 - 12:54 PM

Tuncer, VM does generally stand for Virtual Memory, but in the case of Quake, QVM's are Quake Virtual Machines. Rather than using OS specific dll's or whatever, quake uses this Virtual Machine concept to enable multiple platform compatibility (or that's the idea). You therefore compile code for the VM rather than for a specific machine. That's just a brief explanation, but you get the idea. It's kindof like the old Z-machine idea that Infocom used :)

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