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Can't Replace G4 Cube Video Card?
Wednesday, August 2, 2000 2:13 PM | Michael Eilers
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Michael Eilers August 03 - 1:48 AM

Well, rumors are rumors.

I do believe Steve Jobs struck all mention of ATI and the Radeon card from his keynote speech, and had Radeon cards removed from G4s in the Apple booth, but I don't believe that he altered the entire product line out of spite. ATI is not ready to ship their Mac cards, and won't be until late September - well after the new 4s are set to debut, and perhaps even after the Cube will ship. It would be tough to ship those machines with a non-existent card, obviously. Our contacts at ATI would say that Radeon would be a future option, but did not mention when this would take place in the Apple line.

ATI Blunder
BGroves August 02 - 6:56 PM

Obviously you all must've read the rumor, though, that cubes were supposed to be oem radeon BTO; but then the ATI blunder. Damn I hope this is true--my 500 cube is already on order, but i gotta upgrade that card.

CubeFan August 02 - 4:58 PM

You forgot to mention that if you bought one of Apple's new monitors with the ADC connector you would only be able to replace the video card with an ADC-compatible one.

Whoohoo! More Apple innovation.

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Archives  News  Can't Replace G4 Cube Video Card?  Comments