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Voodoo5 Reactions Around The Web
Friday, July 28, 2000 6:00 AM | Michael Eilers
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a mac user July 29 - 11:28 AM

The author can stop making excuses for 3dfx. You can say all you want, that these benchmarks are preliminary, blah blah, but with the final shipping product, the G4 won't come close to half the speed of the 933MHz PIII.

The CPU is the bottleneck. G4 is a failure.

Everything's a conspiracy!
Jason Sims (IMG) July 28 - 5:46 PM

At least within the Mac gaming community, that is. Maybe Apple's decision to change the name of the Find utility to "Sherlock" has inspired Mac users everywhere to start cultivating their detective skills. I figure that's probably the "case". Heh.

Hopefully the selection of games for the Mac will continue to grow and eventually people will spend their time gaming instead of theorizing.

No black helicopters.
Ken Dyke July 28 - 3:55 PM

There is/was no conspiracy involved. I left 3dfx simply because I wanted to be more directly involved with MacOS X. For various technical reasons the best place for me to do that is at Apple.


re: Ken Dyke
Tuncer Deniz (IMG) July 28 - 8:34 AM

Ken is working on OpenGL, so it's not a total loss.

Ken Dyke
paulc July 27 - 4:43 PM

Ken Dyke was hired away from 3Dfx by, you guessed it, the wormy fruit. Conspiracy theorists could speculate that they did this to stunt 3Dfx development in favor of their bed partner ati. Cracks me up that jobs did his hissy fit over what amounted to nothing (ati did NOT reveal ANY details of anything.. just that there would be announcements about the imac and the G4).

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