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Diablo II 1.03 Info
Tuesday, July 25, 2000 2:05 PM | Tuncer Deniz
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D2 nuBus fix
Evan Cameron July 27 - 8:39 PM

you said that they WOULD fix the nuBus issue, but when i emailed blizzard they said there was only a 50/50 chance, waz up with that??

Cinema Display
Cedric July 26 - 2:01 PM

Being impatient, I actually came up with a semi-fix
for the cinema display problem myself. Though
I doubt either Apple or Blizzard would be
happy with me if I posted it, as it involved
patching the DrawSprocket library (that was an easier
solution for me than working from the other end, as I
have the .h file for DrawSprocket) It works well,
but the only selectable video mode is RAVE thousands.

Diablo II not play nice with mice?
Jeff Warner July 26 - 12:13 AM

P.S. I am using OS 9.0.4 on a G3/266 iMac. Mouse has given me problems nowhere else in my system.


Diablo II not play nice with mice?
Jeff Warner July 26 - 12:02 AM

I have recurring problems whenever I try to use my Logitech MouseMan Wheel mouse that follows this pattern:

a.) Hour one, things good -- buttons working
b.) Into hour two -- mouse will hang up, keyboard works.
c.) I can squeeze out a bit more time (30 min?), but then the mouse freezes again and if I unplug mouse and replug it, the Logitech will start working -- but only as a single-button mouse (regardless which button, treats it like a left-click).

I followed Blizzard's FAQ advice on what to do if mouse/keyboard isn't working right -- stripped down extension set, yada yada... precisely as described. Still doesn't help.

Anyone else having similar USB mouse problems? Better yet, anyone find a multi-button USB mosue solution?


Diablo 2
Wil Gaffga July 25 - 6:27 PM

Another issue is an incompatibility with Kenwood's TrueX CDROM. Blizzard claims that they are using some new CD architecture that the drive doesn't play nocely with.

Weird considering the drive uses Apple's CD drivers.


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