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Westlake's Cobb on Apple
Tuesday, July 25, 2000 11:49 AM | Andy Largent
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ah-ha! Part 2
Hiro Yui July 27 - 6:32 AM

I clearly remember what the head apple game manager said at GDC last year : "develop your games for Mac OS 9"--period!!!Is this Westlake issue over wanting some discounts on equipemnt or just being upset that Apple has had longer ties with Bungie, Blizzaed, Macsoft, etc?

I just don't understand how or why Westlake is DEMANDING special treatment from Apple--how come Deus Ex had a big article in the games section? and featured in the Hotnews section? I just read the Apple Japan page for the Cube, and who's that I see on the page? JC Denton! And this isn't enough?! BULLSHIT!!!

Apple is definitely wrong
Mike Kornienko July 26 - 6:24 AM

Westlake made more ports than any other company! And is going to make even more!
These ports - hey, did everyone forgot Unreal, QuakeWorld, and many, many more great stuff - made even more games and mods available for Mac!
And there more games, the more will Apple sell their crappy iMacs (sorry, dont like toy machines).
So what is the problem for Apple? They can't give several new G4's to not just another "company which develops games", but to the company, which earned respect of EVERY Mac user who play games?? I really, honestly don't understand what it the problem? May be some lower-level manager doesn't do that to report in the end of quarter that he saved $20K for Apple?
OK. Now, on to Apple's support - on OS 9 - I'm not really sure about it, so won't talk too much.
Regarding migration to OS X.. Doh guys.. It's too early to do that for a company which _ports_ games, not develops them from the scratch. And it is even more early, because OS X is still doesn't get shape, many API functions aren't even documented!! Think about it!
Its easy to port Quake3, because, is far as I heard, it only have about 30K of platform-dependent code.
Ah.. ok.. I just hope Apple will rethink its relations with Westlake, because these guys are doing really good things for the platform!! Of course, if they abandon Mac, we won't be left without games, with will not get MANY of great ones, which PC-based game companies just won't be making PC/Mac (and I understand them).

Thanks for reading

Suellen Adams July 25 - 9:16 PM

There seems to be a lot of misunderstanding of the situation here. We are *not* getting regular information about OS X from Apple. We do *not* want free hardware (even though other platforms *do* offer it). We want a reasonable discount that doesn't cost us $3500 a year to get. In most cases we have to pay full retail to have the most up-to-date machines to develop and test on.
We also want enough information from Apple to be able to make a business plan that is effective.
Are you aware that we knew *nothing* about what was to be announced at MWNY, not even specs?
And, are you aware that programming for OSX, MP Macs, not to mention simultaneous releases are more expensive and the publishers are not willing to pay more? IN fact they cannot pay more, because the sales don't support paying more. As it is we are earning almost no royalties and as a consequence there is never any down time. In order to make a living and support our families we have to do the number of games we do.


Bravo Westlakes!
Steve Forwood July 25 - 4:53 PM

Westlakes has done a remarkable job bringing the only really good games to the Macintosh. They deserve and have earned total support by Apple (at least in my humble opinion). These are not kiddie games like other publishers are giving us. If they go away, we don't have a whole lot left but vaporware. Westlakes comes through for the Mac time after time. I buy all their games and they deserve all the support they can get. Nuff said.

apple can't (and shouldn't) do everything
LKM July 25 - 4:43 PM

westlake should understand that it's not in apple's best interest to feature games on their page that are months old on the pc-side. people checking out apple's page will just figure out that mac games are way behind if they do that. that's not really effective marketing.

apple *does* provide developers with information about OS X. in fact, there's plenty of it, and there's even a more or less complete developer release of X available. but I don't think (while westlake obviously does) that apple should give free hardware to game developers just because they're game developers. I *do* however think that apple should do as much as possible for them.

Re: ah-ha!
Andy Largent July 25 - 3:35 PM

Hmm... Deus Ex was a near-simultaneous release because they got the code from Ion Storm WHILE the PC game was still in development. This is the same reason Rune should be released around the same time as the PC version, because they got the code (and contracts and legal stuff) before the PC build was done.

This doesn't mean they DIDN'T "get the job done" on The Sims, though, just becuase it was released a few months after the PC version. Most of the time, they can't get the code until the PC version is complete, meaning the time between releases will be greater. Mark has noted they are cutting back on projects, but the number of titles they have has nothing to do with whether games are released simultaneously or not.

I'm going to ignore the rest of your post, since you obviously don't understand the OS X situation. How can they prepare for OS X if Apple doesn't provide them with information on it?


Westlake gets my vote!
Bones July 25 - 2:25 PM

I'll have to side with Westlake on this one. I think that Apple's failure to support Westlake is horrible mistake. As I sit here and look at my hardrive, there sure are a lot more Westlake games than there are games from Id and Bungie.

Hiro Yui July 25 - 2:22 PM

Deus Ex DID come out within a few weeks of the PC version, so Westlake can get the job done. I think that Westlake might be trying to port over TOO MANY titles (12-15 his year?!), when they could focus on simu releases for Madden 2001 and so forth. and the OS X issue...they need to stop whining and start preparing for OS X, or else Steve will turn to his ex-employee Peter Tamte and say,"go for it".

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