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Baldur's Gate Fixes on the Way
Monday, July 24, 2000 11:35 AM | Andy Largent
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Amazon still lagging
Micah Johnson July 25 - 8:00 AM

I ordered mine from Amazon, and they must be too busy shipping Harry Potter books or something. Their entry says it won't be ready until 7/28!


Recieved with only minor delay
Reed Balmer July 25 - 7:38 AM

After being on the pre-order list for well-nigh a year, I got mine within 3 days of the Graphsim original ship date through for the tidy sum of $39. My problems now are that I can not get the patch and that after about 3 hours of play the game locks the computer up (even with over 150 Megs of RAM). This is probably good since it returns me to the world of actually getting stuff done rather than the world of dicing hobgoblins.

me too...
Andy Largent July 24 - 2:54 PM

I feel your pain, brother. Heck, I'm having to work on my birthday, when I just wanna go home and snuggle up with Baldur's Gate... :) I ordered my copy from Outpost, btw.

I hate Mondays
Paul Lipps July 24 - 2:33 PM

I ordered it from Interact!, and it's Monday, I'm at work, I want my game and I want my Voodoo5. I tired, I need coffee and these people at my job actually EXPECT me to work?!?!

What is this world coming too?!?!?


Andy Largent July 24 - 2:29 PM

Just gotta play the devil's advocate a bit... :)
Where did you order from, cause most places should have shipped by now. The timing with Diablo II is unfortunate, but keep in mind that Diablo II has been delayed quite a bit as well. And there was a patch out for it before the Mac version was released, which doesn't even address the issues people seem to be having with ATI cards and certain displays. The poor servers are swamped, too, so your multiplayer experience might vary right now.
Not to dog on Diablo II, I know it's awesome. But I don't think you should dismiss BG outright, because they really are different games when it comes down to it.


Oh well, better luck next game
Paul Lipps July 24 - 1:01 PM

No, I still don't have my copy. I going to cancel soon. All my Mac friends have already cancelled their orders.

And you mean to tell me we waited ALL THIS TIME and now we need patches?!?

And NO MULTIPLAYER TO BOOT? I thought they dropped multiplayer to SAVE TIME.

Since Diablo II is out now they should just write it off and consider BG as pratice on learning how to port games.

Who could have ever dreamed that Diablo II would be released before Baldur's Gate?

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