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MW Video: Bungie CEO on Halo
Monday, July 24, 2000 8:46 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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die Reet is anders een gemene man...
Food4spam November 21 - 3:48 PM

And how about those fairies?

Okay, ik ga ze plaatsen op m'n web-log. :)
Money Management Software July 31 - 7:34 PM

Okay, ik ga ze plaatsen op m'n web-log. :)

Het begint op een vendetta te lijken, dat geeft niet hoor maar Dr. Phil zou zeggen
raymond jack July 04 - 5:31 AM

And now the description is wrong.

More interesting than the Zapruder film...
Anon July 31 - 8:09 PM

Is it just me or does Alex seem to keep eluding to a single person ("high up enough") driving this MS/Bungie/Apple games alliance? Especially when he says "...the most flattering part of...that whole situation was that...the person..."

Screw Halo
PhRosT July 26 - 10:31 PM

Im not buying if it comes out Q4 2001. There will be better games. Like Black and White. That game will kill Halo.

Er, hmm...
Andy Largent July 24 - 4:25 PM

Well, it looks like you were out of town last week. They did announce it was coming to the Mac during the keynote.

paulc July 24 - 4:03 PM

For 1/2 the "inteview" he talks about all the wonderful things he's going to do for the x-crock. Then, he says, in relation to other platforms "We'd lover to have that happen." That's it?? This means that this game is coming to the Mac? I dunno, but that doesn't tell me I'm going to be playing this on my Mac! It DOES tell me that there's wuiggle room and that they can't be sued for breaking apromise.. "...but we said we'd LIKE it to happen.. unfortunately, it just couldn't."

AmonCMB July 24 - 10:51 AM

I thought it was funny how he initially said "transaction", then "corrected" himself. Heheheh... $$ cha-ching... $$

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