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MW: ATI Scuttlebut Scuttles Radeon!
Wednesday, July 19, 2000 2:39 PM | IMG News
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freaking BS, I enjoyed the IP
Tape Measure November 21 - 9:01 PM

If not, what were all the witch trials about?

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Domain Name Search August 12 - 6:38 PM

And now the description is wrong.

Het begint op een vendetta te lijken, dat geeft niet hoor maar Dr. Phil zou zeggen
Web Marketing July 31 - 5:38 PM

Hehe, ik dacht ook meteen aan dat beetje invloed op

Re: AppleScoop
NeutronBomb July 20 - 8:52 PM

LOL! If you believe that site, I've got a nice brigde to sell you...

Steve Jobs is an IDIOT for doing this
John H July 20 - 7:00 PM

Screwing with ATI like this is HIGHLY UNWISE - they have a HUGE amount of the PC oem market, and DO NOT NEED APPLE AT ALL. By doing childish crap like this, Steve is openly tempting ATI to march right on up and give him a big fat "F**k you. Find another video card maker now, b*tch", thus screwing all of us. Think 3dFX or nVidia will save the day ATI backs out? Sorry, but they are even LESS devoted to Apple. Jobs is frikking reckless.

This new Apple doesn't have an ATI chip in it...
AppleFreak July 20 - 4:53 PM

Pictures of the newest Apple consumer machines!

Have you guy's even seen Apple's G4 graphics page?
NeutronBomb July 20 - 3:21 PM

It says there, in big letters, "Duke it out at 1gigapixel per second." The RAGE 128 Pro can't do a gigapixel per second. The Radeon can. Steve Jobs screwed us.

Radeon too HOT for the cube
mike s July 20 - 3:14 PM

No doubt the Radeon runs too hot for the cube (that is, it consumes a lot of power, and thus runs at a temperature too high for a fanless system).

LOL July 20 - 2:57 PM

Anybody who believes this preposterous story has to have rocks in their head. Whoever wrote the original piece obviously had no clue about ATI's or Apple's products. Rage 4XL? What the hell is that? Whoever wrote the original"leak", had no idea that there were actually 5 new imacs and 3 new G4's. ("business wire" "piece" spoke on 1 Imac and 2 G4's). Since the different imacs come with different Video in/out/dvd features, ATI must have clearly known there was more than one new imac. Therefore the original "leak" could not have come from ATI.

Moreover, ATI's Mac-Radeon won't be launched until September, so how could Apple pull it out of a product being sold now and in retail in August?

You people must be pretty gullible to believe this obvious BS.

AGP in cube - doomed?
z'ha'dum July 20 - 11:07 AM

If steve pulled radeon because of a supposed leak, all he did was hurt himself.

The GLARING absence of BTO for graphics in PowerMac & PowerCube is APALLING!!

Until the details of the third-party cards (both graphics & cpu) are CRYSTAL clear, many people will stay away from the cube.

And how come Apple wont identify the drive mechanism - because everyone knows that Apple always ships a dog! There should be a BTO for the new kick-ass IBM drives!!

Also, no one mentions the issue of a PCI expansion port (supposedly, the cost of a PCI extender could be signigantly reduced if a bridge chip was not required, and instead the PCI controller interfaced directly to an external adapter; but again, we just dont know about these vital details).

The cosmetic fixes at MYNY/2K merely post-pone the reckoning - unless Apple delivers UMA2/G4e/800Mbps firewire/BTO graphics & drives VERY VERY soon, alot of momentum will be squandered.

It's getting really hard to keep aplogizing month agter month, quarter after quarter, and soon year after year for Apple's stumbling & bumbling.

When you are a niche player, you do not have the luxury of making mistakes.

Stop whining
Wail July 20 - 9:14 AM

First of all, the biggest problem with whole ATI thing is spoiled brats like you guys. The Radeon isn't even prepared to ship and won't be till September and ya'll should stop crying like little girls who heard bad gossip. Speculation was the only thing that hurt us and we're too ready to be discontent with hasty "ideas." Are we all too retarted to realize that Apple will do the best possible thing they can for the ime being...REALLY, would they pay their marketers and designers to do anything else? SO SHUT UP ALREADY, you should be ashamed...

Rage 128 sucks
Zilla July 20 - 8:47 AM

I don't really care why Apple didn't release
the G4's with the Radeon, the only thing I know is that
Rage 128 sucks big time. For a hardcore gamer like me,
the situation couldn't be worse. No G4e at 700 MHz,
no UMA-2 mobo, no DDR Ram, no Sound Blaster Live!, no 4xAGP.
It's the same old stuff with another processor. And
I'm supposed to belive that Steve is great just because
it sells for the same price as it did before???
Come on...
Hey, Steve, why don't you have a quick word with John Carmack,
if you love games as you state??? You might learn something...

Rage4XL doesn't even exist!
This Is A Hoax July 20 - 7:40 AM

Now we have a mythical press release with a mythical card with info about mythical products.

Moreover the Rage 128 Pro is on EVERY imac and G4 you can buy. Moreover, the TDFX add-in won't even fit in the cube -- never mind the fan. Tjis is better news than was allegedly contained in the alleged PR.

I tried to send an email to a cbentley at ATI and it came back undeliverable(!)
can't say the same for BHentsch or DAronsen.

This makes so little sense it's absurd. Like Steve would tell his employees to pull Radeon cards and mythical Rage 4XL cards and put in Rage 128's to "punish" ATI from the machines that people are buying that day.

maybe they recalled all the units on the way to Circuit City too.

It's just plain silly.

ATI stumbles, Steve grumbles, Mac buyers lose out
Rasmus Keldorff July 20 - 1:29 AM

I can't believe Steve could really do this. Unless he is going to revamp the G4 line again in a couple months' time, how could he pull such a big selling-point out of the configuration?
If I were looking at buying a new Mac, I sure as hell would wait until the new ATI cards are reintroduced.
Steve probably wished he could have put NVIDIA or 3DFX cards in those Macs instead, but realized that those products weren't ready for system-level use. Shame.

Re: more discrepancies
Andy Largent July 19 - 9:57 PM

Hmm. We've been had, eh? Check this out:

Now either that was wrong to begin with or Steve didn't like what he saw and pulled the cards. Pretty sad...

Steve should be ashamed
leon42 July 19 - 9:53 PM

Apple's own MacWorld Expo exhibitors' listing, which has been publicly available for a long time, clearly states:

"ATI will launch Radeon, the world's most powerful graphics processor for the Mac. ATI plans a surprise announcement on July 19. In a keynote, wait for Apple to announce three new systems with ATI graphics in them. One will be an iMac with the Rage 4XL chip, the remaining two are PowerMacs which will ship with Rage 128 PRO standard and Radeon."

Grumpy Old Man Steve
Havoc July 19 - 9:13 PM

OK so Stevie's panties got in a bunch, lets forget that and focus on the reallly super cool fact WE BE GETTIN' THE RADEON! This marks the point where Macs will be caught up the PCs in terms of video acceleration. nVidia what? 3Dfx who? I think I'll stick with ATI and pick the card that's kicking both there bottoms.

more discrepancies
a1homey July 19 - 9:03 PM

The original supposedly leaked "press release" (which nobody can produce) bragged of 3 new Macs, 1 i-mac and 2 PowerMacs. In reality, press accounts speak of 5 new macs, 3 PowerMacs (including the cube) and 2 imacs. The Apple website has 5 iMacs. The fake report also said that the "new imac" would have a Rage4XL, while the PowerMacs would have a 128 Pro and a Radeon respectively. I checked Apple's website, and all the new mac models I found had Rage 128 Pro graphics.

You've been had.

How sad
Bill Cochran July 19 - 7:27 PM

What a supreme example of pettiness! He cancels from shows where he might not garner enough attention (read: EEE), then throws a tantrum like a spoiled brat over something this silly. Is he married? Pity the woman that would have to put up with him.

Re: More BS
rob July 19 - 6:06 PM

Well, he did do that silly OS X demo where he just rehashed what everyone already knew "in case you hadn't seen it before". That looked like a space filler to me.

More BS
A1homey July 19 - 4:29 PM

Can anybody produce any evidence of this so-called news release?

Details about "the cube" have been in the public domain for a month or more. I saw a picture of it on Tuesday night.

Apple couldn't keep a secret if their lives depended on it.

Stev's speech seemed to last the pre-announced amount of time, so such massive cuts seem highly unlikely.

Are we still supposed to believe the vapor-mac product from nvidia is going to be shipped via that OEM deal that was "reported?"

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