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Counter-Strike vs. Urban Terror
Friday, August 24, 2001 10:43 AM | Eddie Park
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king cool March 27 - 3:22 AM

eat shitt

ooooooooo February 23 - 7:59 PM


eco June 04 - 10:43 AM

conter strike

true August 19 - 9:25 PM

cs vs urt
[666]saker May 20 - 8:16 AM

i played both v1.0 of cs and urt
i've always been a quake fan and that makes me like more of urban than cs.

because in urban terror although u have stamina to keep you calm u can rush in to the battle with a few jumps an lr300 (older versions it was an m4) throwing grennades land on some roof and aim to the head killing you enemys

cs is slower not more tatical just slower

u cant run (or at least it doesn't feel like running) u cant jump effectivly (that's understandable if u have a load of guns with u) and having a good aim doesn't make you a winner.
that's right u have to stand calm or even crouch to have the bullets go where u wish.. i feel like a duck waiting to be shot from somewhere everytime i have to stop to shoot.

more.. urban is a great online game.
cs has to be played in a lan to have some fun.. im not even talking about the cheats just the quake1 engine netcode that sucks.. if u have 100 ping u cant play,

counter strike is popular because it's old and any computer can run it. friends had time to convince friends to have time to try and find how much fun can online gaming be.. but counter strike still sucks compared to urban terror..

altough sid fucked it up a little over this last year with the new betas.. since 2.3 they started not only correcting the bugs but making it feel more like cs wich is sad .. i realize that with my last sentence the whole speech lost sense.. lol

Death over HeadShot
Reinhart March 17 - 6:53 PM

To you believe in this Article which
happen in Singapore?

A boy was playing Cs on 2001 and Head-
Shot his opponent.
Then affter that, the man shouted in the cyber cafe "Who HeadShot ME !"

The Boy Raise his hand and was stab by the man in his head and heart.....

*REN January 16 - 2:34 PM

where do i get it for my mac?

Tac Ops and Strike Force...yuck
Gnat August 26 - 1:45 PM

I like urban terror and counter-strike about equally. They both have their strong and weak points. But other mods like Tactical Ops and Strike Force, I just cannot stand. Tactical ops 1.6 was fun, fast paced, buggy, and not realistic, then they updated it to 2.0 made it slow, boring, tried to make it realistic but failed, and still buggy. When I first played strike force I thought the fact that you had to raise the gun with right click if you wanted to take aim was really cool, but that game is quite annoying. The aiming dot is soo transparent that on any slighly bright surface, you cannot even see your dot. Plus gameplay is not very exciting.

CounterStrike is fatal, it's official
ben boffey August 25 - 5:02 PM

would I lie to you ;) here's the story:

Man dies playing all-night computer game

A Thai man has died from heart failure during an all-night computer game.

The 22-year-old was found dead at his computer terminal in an internet cafe in Chiang Mai.

Police say his friends told them he was addicted to the game and played it from Wednesday evening until he was found slumped over the computer's keyboard at noon on Thursday.

They confirmed that Thanet Sommoi, a worker at a ceramics factory, died from heart failure.

He had been playing Half Life: Counter Strike, which casts players in the role of terrorist or counter-terrorist. Up to 32 people can join in on the internet.

Police say investigators believed Thanet developed tension and fatigue after playing the game for hours, and his heart eventually failed.
link :

dont leave out STRIKEFORCE UT
checko August 24 - 11:01 AM

You forgot about our favorite out here in Chicago. Strike Force!

This is the most intense mod i have ever played, on any engine/platform, and it holds up well in repeat play and on the net. Its a big download (but it TOO is free!)

But it is worth every moment.

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