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MacPlay to Publish Aliens vs Predator
Wednesday, August 22, 2001 10:46 AM | IMG News
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Hicks September 03 - 1:45 AM

I think its about time more games are coming out on mac. I just hope they get released sooner rather than later

Help a granny across the street, get kicked in the teeth...
:8:Scandalon August 22 - 8:16 PM

...okay, not quite, but still...

Fox is the one (as I understand it) that held up the publishing after Logicware went under. At least they negotiated something w/ Macplay, rather than "Sierra-ing" it... (It's been done or nearly so for like a year...) Yes, it's a bit old. Yes, 2 will be out soon. Yes, I hope 2 comes to the mac (Lithtech 2 engine, btw, not the internally developed one for AvP 1) Yes, I'm glad this one is finally being released. Yes, I'm happy to see they've priced it right ($25!). Yes, I'm buying it.

What about AvP2? This game is two years old!
Unicron August 22 - 5:07 PM

AvP1 came out in June 1999 -- which is like a centruy in gamer years. How about an X version of AvP2. Certainly porting a game now must be easier than two year old code.

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