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MW: Keynote, Mac Halo Confirmed
Wednesday, July 19, 2000 9:06 AM | IMG News
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MS / Apple Games company...
Jack Davies July 20 - 6:58 AM

I think this is really, really good new for us mac gamers, l only hope that they will release some of their older games aswell as the new releases!

New iMacs
Kevin O'Neill July 19 - 9:11 PM

Apple needs a better websites. Raeon is accounced... but no news on their website. Only a Rage pro 128 with a slim 8mb Vram. Apple needs to keep the customers on the late breaking news. But I can't wait to buy a $1499 iMac with 500mhz G3. But no deal if a rage pro 128 is in it. I want a Raeon.

New iMac Graphics
Tim Maddux July 19 - 3:15 PM

As the article was unsure: specs from Apple online state that the new iMacs will have "the ATI RAGE 128 Pro graphics accelerator card" (yawn).

Michael Eilers July 19 - 1:35 PM

Sorry, I just had to smirk at this one - if attractiveness or aesthetics of a computer is so critical, how do you explain all those hideous beige PC boxes that clutter most workplace areas? Sorry, it just had to be said. I like the Cube, but I am worried about who it will sell to. If you add a $999 LCD display, like they suggest, you have a $2800 machine - way higher than the business market's target price of sub-$2000. As for saying "well, it isn't a gamers machine" - this IS a gaming magazine you are reading - that's the only angle that matters to us :-)

Cube Design
Benjamin Schollnick July 19 - 12:35 PM

The Cube is a potential "Small Gamers" box, as well as being pleasant to look at for work environments...

The Imac, while "OK" for a work environment, isn't "classy" enough for a work environment. The Cube is.

Plus many work areas, don't want a 14" screen, they want a 17" or 21" monitor... The cube allows that.

I think the cube will eat some of the Imac DV line for dinner.... After all, it's graphics card *IS* in a slot, a AGP 2x slot....

That means when the card is too slow, you'll be able to remove it and replace it.

What you can replace it with, is up to debate, but it does appear to be more modular than a Imac....

- Benjamin

3rd Party Graphics and the Cube
Michael Eilers July 19 - 12:19 PM

Just a note:

The 8x8 form factor of the Cube totally eliminates the possibility of a 3rd-party graphics card. The AGP Raeon is 11 inches long; the Voodoo5 550 is almost 13 inches long.

The reason we are puzzled by the Cube is the way that it obviously overlaps two Apple product lines, the high-end DV Special Edition and the low-end G4. The DV SE has a bigger drive and more RAM; the G4 450 has 3 PCI slots, a full-size AGP slot, and 3 empty drive bays. Unless you are REALLY squeezed for space in a tiny apartment, there seems to be little compelling reason to choose it over the more expandible tower. If apple had discontinued all of their single-processor G4 Macs, the Cube would make a lot more sense,

The cube & gamers
Francis July 19 - 12:14 PM

I don't follow, do you think Apple should just copy MS and come up with an X-Box rip-off?

Price of G4 Cube
Joe July 19 - 11:51 AM

Just checked the Apple Canada store (as I'm in Canada) versus the US Apple Store. They both list the Cube at $1799, but the US lowend G4 is $1599 USD and $2399 CND!! Is this a glitch?

The Cube: some defense
Matt Diamond July 19 - 10:16 AM

>As for the Cube? We can't figure this one out.
> There is nothing about this Cube
> that will make it a sale to gamers

So as a gamer don't buy one.
Seriously, isn't this
the whole iMac thing again? While computer-
industry insiders and hardcore users are
scratching their heads, Apple will sell
a ton of them.

> And we can already hear the PC bigots
> crowing about Apple's new Toaster Mac.

Again, they laughed at iMac.
How long did we expect Apple to rest it's
laurels with the iMac and existing desktop
design? They should take risks and introduce
new products like this. This is the perfect
complement to the flat-panel display; tuck
this right behind it, people will have no idea
where your computer is.

The G4 cube is what Steve said it is:
a desktop-powered Mac designed with the
lessons learned from iMac. Think of it
as a uber-iMac for people who have a monitor
already. It's more of a gamer machine than
iMac because the graphics card can be replaced.
The only thing it doesn't do that I occasionally
want is the ability to put a 2nd graphics card in.
(A Radeon with two-monitor output would solve
that problem.) And, I'd love my next
desktop to have no fan.

If you don't like it, feel free to give the
review copy to me :-)
No problem getting that thing up the
stairs, or to a friend's house for a

One minor point: unlike the current
desktop, this can sit on your desk and
show the Apple logo to everyone. Jobs
would like that. :-)

Again, it's not a machine targetted to
gamers but it's a mistake to say that Apple
is showing a lack of product direction here.
It's just not the direction you wanted them
to go.

Matt Diamond

G4 Cube Useful, yes it is...
Jeep Hauser July 19 - 10:15 AM

I work in higher-ed, and won't be buying a Cube for home gaming.

I've got a lease cycle ending soon, and could choose either iMacs or G4s for desktop machines. I didn't really want the iMacs, because we've standardized on 17" monitors for all PCs (yes, we have them, too), and I didn't want the Mac users to be stuck with iMac's 15" monitors. So, alas, I have to pony up for the G4 450 for a machine that will do well for a few years. But that's expensive, and now they're MP units, they're WAY more than we need.

Enter the Cube. Simple, can have a 17" monitor, costs a bit more than iMac, but less than G4, and will save me money on Windows troubleshooting.

You're right - Cube is no good for gaming (it has Rage 128 Pro), but *excellent* for business desktops. And Apple says they're not targeting the Enterprise market... BAH!

Powermac g4 cube
Marshal Pierce July 19 - 10:03 AM

Hi... yeah it kind of mystified me the first time I saw it, but I can see their point now: a lot of people just don't have room for a g4, so they have to go for a iMac and sacfice quite a bit of power. However, the cube is obviously so derned small it could fit just about anywhere. Heck, it could fit in a file drawer easily. It does have a ATI Rage 128 Pro 2x AGP card, so it's not bad for a gamer's machine, but it's not great either. Oh well. It's not really meant for a gamer, anyway.

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