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id Software Announces Quake 4, New Title
Friday, August 10, 2001 3:51 PM | IMG News
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reaper August 17 - 1:44 PM

ill kill all them fuckers out there,,,,,,,so bring it out now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Quake 4 Screenshots
Crispie July 12 - 9:37 PM

Want Q4 screenshots? Well a few Quake 4 screenshots were released without permission a while ago on the internet, so if you search hard enouph you'll find them, they are freakin scary good.

the release
d May 17 - 1:41 AM

when will quake 4 be released?

tomas February 13 - 10:04 AM

give me some screenshotswhat the fuck you are thinging you are you are the best then schow me

tomas February 13 - 10:02 AM

give me my quake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

IDGamesMaster April 13 - 3:03 AM

When isit coming out in ENGLAND?

tokzz January 18 - 11:26 AM

i think quake rules fuck off

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Archives  News  id Software Announces Quake 4, New Title  Comments