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Monkey Island Demo Released
Friday, August 10, 2001 11:06 AM | IMG News
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Crashes for *me*
Moogle August 12 - 8:48 AM

Wasn't implying the demo was a dud at all... it just doesn't work for me... :P

I think I'll try the Warbirds ATI driver beta (the second one since I can't get my hands on OpenGL 1.2.2). Perhaps I should disable MacsBug too?

If the Monkey demo is anything like the one released on the PC Gamer CD, it rocks! :)

Here's the trick...
Snoogle August 11 - 8:03 PM

I was getting the dreaded -39 error all the time too...

Take the .sea file (make sure it's on your hard drive, not just the desktop, and drag it onto your stuffit expander application...

Whammo...the file should decompress, and you will have a fantastic demo to play your heart out!!

Good luck,

Michael E.

Toogle August 11 - 11:33 AM

my bratty offspring. They are a bunch of true mac miscreants. Except Boo.. she is REALLY blossoming now that she's turned 18..

Anyway, forget their nonesense. This game runs fine.. except why can't I change it out of 640 x 480? Must go hacking..

Boogle August 11 - 10:57 AM

Well, me two brothas can fly go kites.. spent 1,154 hours attempting to d/l. Different servers. Alla da tyme, -39, end of file.Both sea's have the extac same size, down the the byte. Both seemed to completed download, Each came from a different server. Both are bogus.

Hey Moog.. wanna send me the file? I'll let you spend about a day with my collection of Hustler magazines...

Google August 11 - 6:51 AM

My brother Moogle got farther than me, the more handsome brother. I couldn't even get the archive to decompress.. got -39 (EOF) errors.

Crashes for me... :(
Moogle August 11 - 5:53 AM

I was thrilled when I saw the Monkey demo -- downloaded it right away!

When I started the (large) demo and got to the MacsBug screen with an error about GL extract or something-like-that. :P

Using Mac OS 9.1, OpenGL 1.2.1, ATI drivers (release, not the WarBirds beta), G4/350 (PCI) with stock ATI Rage 128... any suggestions?

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