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Myst III Delayed Until Fall for Europe
Friday, April 13, 2001 12:54 PM | IMG News
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The United Kingdom
Nicholas April 16 - 4:23 AM

May I take this oppertunity to remind Activision that the UK is not a member of Europe (despite some right-wing efforts), it's citizens do not speak forign languages (we have a reputation for linguistic inabilities) and would have no interest crossing over to the Continent to buy a version in Polish/Russian/French/Spanish/Italian/Flemmish/Hungarian/etc.

For most cases such as this, the US and UK can still be considered one country.

It isn't the languages...
Michael April 15 - 3:39 PM

... it is the operating systems. It will take that long to test it with all of the European versions of MacOS and Windows, a lot of things "break" on a non-English system.


most europeans do understand english !!
JH April 14 - 9:03 AM

Very dissapointing news..!! I live in The Netherlands (Europe) and I definitily WANT to play Myst III in ENGLISH/AMERICAN, even if it's available in my own language : Dutch
Why don't they deliver it right now for game-lovers like me, who don't care about languages ?

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