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CNET Gamecenter Alliance Dissolves
Wednesday, January 3, 2001 1:10 PM | Tuncer Deniz
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I feel ya
Greg Gant January 04 - 3:07 AM

Too bad it crumbled, Gamecenter and CNET most likely provided descent payment and a bit of extra traffic. Also Macgamefiles was the spawn of this calaboration. I noticed no mention of the Gamecenter Alliance ending at C|Net or Gamecenter or the game center page. Strange...

Yeah, no more funding for IMG!
Andy Largent January 03 - 5:00 PM

That's not the only thing CNET gave IMG, they also provided funding. It was explained many times in the forums that the ads were necessary because many of our Mac-specific advertisers weren't paying up. Sad as this capitalistic-society is, IMG requires money in order to operate. I'd gladly take PC ads over no ads and no funding. While we'll be fine (IMG is really a labor of love for everyone involved anyway), having to find a new network is a pain in these dried-up dot-com times... Who cares about the ads anyway? You don't like em, you certainly don't have to click on them.

Yeah, no more PC ads on IMG!
Timur Tabi January 03 - 4:39 PM

I'm glad the CNET Game Center Alliance is closing. The only thing that the GCA has done is force IMG to display banner ads for PC's and PC-only products.

I even emailed IMG about this, but they ignored me.

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Archives  News  CNET Gamecenter Alliance Dissolves  Comments