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Mac GLHexen 2 Released
Monday, November 27, 2000 9:10 AM | Andy Largent
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Wirewyrm November 29 - 4:00 AM

Low system Requirements. Ha. on A G3 333mhz with 6mb vram on a rage pro, with 96mb of ram, quake 3 runs fine. Quake 1 RAVE runs perfect. Unreal tournament runs nice. GL Quake and GL Hexen 2 are both slow, choppy and unplayable. The open GL implementation is awful and slow even at low res. The system requirements appear to be higher than those of quake 3 if you want a good game.

Lets hope further updates are a bit faster.

Danny F November 28 - 8:03 AM

Just to let you know that the demo of Mac GLhexen 2 is ready to download at the makers site.
p.s.Keep up the good work ;-)

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