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Final System Requirements For Tiger Woods
Friday, June 24, 2005 9:45 AM | Tuncer Deniz
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The Cow June 26 - 6:09 PM

A game where I don't kill things! That is a new concept and so I might buy this game. :)

Steephill June 25 - 8:14 AM

Good to see TW2k5 coming to Mac! See you at

mwat June 24 - 7:37 PM

I hope it runs well on my 1.25 AluBook, but if not I'll install it on my G5 and keep 2003 on my PB.

Δa2daj June 24 - 1:13 PM

The non-Mac version that is.

Δa2daj June 24 - 1:11 PM

From what I've seen Tiger Woods 2005 was released in September 2004. How is it over 12 months old?

Glenda June 24 - 12:46 PM

Unlike the PC we actually try to put accurate system specs on our games :)

Mac Game Insider News Guy June 24 - 12:35 PM

That means I'll be able to run Doom III!

Sinister June 24 - 11:52 AM

Its not brand new its over 12 months old and the specs are double what they were on the PC.

Glenda June 24 - 10:21 AM

Intel will definitely be positive switch for CPU speeds.

Although it's not too out of the ordinary that a base entry level Mac bought 18 months ago wouldn't be able to hit the minimum specs for a brand new game, especially something as 3D heavy as Tiger 05.

Glenda Adams

Intel Positive
Mike June 24 - 9:55 AM

This is a good example why moving to Intel processors should be a good thing. No longer will the consumer Macs not meet game system requirements a little more than one year after purchasing the CPU. If you bought a brand new 1 GHz eMac for $1000 in the first quarter of 2004, you do not meet the system requirements for Tiger Woods. Unbelieveable.

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