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X2 - The Threat in Duplication; Download Ready
Tuesday, May 31, 2005 8:28 AM | Andy Largent
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Old game, X3 is slated to be an xbox release
Melio June 10 - 10:17 PM

This game has been out on the PC for at least a year since I bought it. Played the hell out of it. and I really do like it, there's scripts that you can interface with to ajust variables of the game, including trade variables, missions ect..

there's savegames with millions of bucks so you can actually just go out and buy whatever/whenever.. screw up economies ect.. :P

i'm glad to see this out on the mac finally.


X3, the next version is being coded now, it's slated to go on the XBOX,and will probably be ported to other OS's

Bought it, downloaded it, liked it - in spite of the flaws...
Janichsan June 02 - 2:59 PM

I tried it on my 12" Powerbook with 1.33 GHz and an Geforce FX5200. The performance is far from optimal, especially in the cut scenes, which are - as I may add - very badly animated. Apart from that, the game suffers from some ugly bugs and instabilities. I'm hoping for a quick patch.

X2 first impressions
johannes rexx June 01 - 1:06 PM

This bad boy weighs in at 1.03GB and their servers are NOT speedy, it took about 8 hours to download it [I have 4Mbps cable access so it ain't me]. No problems installing it

My computer is a dual 2 Ghz G5 with 1.5GB RAM an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Special Mac Edition w/256Meg VRAM driven a 1600x1024 Apple Cinema display.

There are a lot of scripted scenes that cause plenty of lag. The voices and lips movements are not synched in these - very bad. I'm looking forward to any update that may come along.

During normal game play there's no lag at all even with shadows and anti-aliasing enabled. The jump gates are cool. Ship's speed does not increase linearly with time as you'd expect during a continuous burn of the engines.

To operate the ship you'll need to print the manual section of the key codes.

I bought the game because of the graphics and outer space effects, the same reason I purchased Homeworld 2 for Mac. So far it's been fun to fly around and look at stuff.

It's neither Vendetta nor EV...
Janichsan June 01 - 12:14 PM

@ Scerenon: Vendetta is still Vendetta. X2 is something (more or less) different.

@anybody else: The reason, why this game reminds you of EV is simply, that EV as well as X2 are simply in the tradition of the good old Elite.

No Amex
Ian June 01 - 5:26 AM

I went to the website to buy it but they don't take Amex.

Metropolis Man May 31 - 7:55 PM

Like a couple of other posters, I immediately thought of EVN when I saw this info on X2. Especially the trading part. Trading is so huge in Escape Velocity. Learning those profitable trading routes provides the moolah to spring for those Heavy Weapons Class Pirate Carriers!

X2 sounds very promising. Definitely something I'll probably pop for.

anon May 31 - 7:32 PM

no chance it'll run on a 1Ghz G4 powerbook with 768 RAM, huh? That's what Demos are for.

mr me May 31 - 3:44 PM

yeah it looks like it is a 3d version of EV it sounds really cool for ppl who can run it. graphics are too good for a 2 yr old system like mine.

EV on steroids?
Tussey May 31 - 2:58 PM

So this is like 3d Escape Velocity on steroids? Sounds really cool.

X2 Demo
VP Ltd May 31 - 2:25 PM

The demo will be released soon. Just some last minute changes have been required.

Any Demo
Shadower May 31 - 2:11 PM

Sounds interesting but where the demo ?, as want to try before purchase.

Not Vendetta
ΔJohan Hansen May 31 - 12:57 PM

Vendetta is still alive and is currently for all I know the only commercial space MMO for Mac. See more at www.vendetta-online.com. X2 is a single player game developed for the PC by Egosoft.

Scerenon May 31 - 12:12 PM

Did this used to be Vendetta? Why change the name to something like "x2"?

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